Win an Amazing Kiehl's Pack

Since attending the Grand Opening of the Kiehl's Store at Melbourne Central, I have not been able to get enough!! Being surrounded by all them amazing products and just the smells your nose is filled with as soon as you step foot in the door. If you are looking to get your hands on some Kiehl's products then you will find the store located on the Ground Level of Melbourne Central which is the next floor up from the train station. Don't get confused like me as the floor that has the train station is LG not G floor (oopsies.) 

Who would have thought that mixing Vanilla and Cedarwood together would be a nice smell?
Cedar wood is a very strong powerful smell, where as Vanilla is soft and elegant. I thought that maybe if these two were mixed together there would be a huge head clash and it would smell terrible. But again I was proven wrong thanks to the scientists at Kiehl’s. Cedar wood has never been for me, I have tried the oil around my house and really didn’t love the smell what so ever. But since the geniuses at Kiehl’s went along and mixed it with Vanilla I am head over heels for it.

When applying in the morning before going out the smell is really strong and compliments my Vanilla perfume I bought from The Body Shop. But even though by the end of the day my perfume is worn away and my clothes and I don’t smell like the perfume, my skin still smells strong of Vanilla and Cedarwood thanks to this lotion. It would be safe to say that if I were to use this product by itself, it could act as a perfume; but then again I would love to try the fragrance Kiehl’s also has.

The range consists of a body lotion, a body cleanser and also the fragrance spray. And I will work to buy the entire range; I love this with all of my heart ;-) And thanks to Kiehl’s my skin is left soft and silky (softer then a babies bum!!!)

RRP $38.00
Kiehl's Fragrance Expert Mr. Suffit describes this fragrance blend, “The Vanilla & Cedarwood scent is a delicate balance of yin & yang, one part feminine from the Ugandan Vanilla, smooth, smoky and just slightly sweet; one part masculine from the Virginia Cedarwood, raw and earthy. Together they blend to form a fragrance that is dynamically simple and irresistibly universal.

And thanks to Kiehl’s I would love to be able to offer one of my viewers a cute little travel pack from Kiehl’s. 
Pack includes:
Ultra Facial Cleanser 75mL
Creme de Corps 75mL
Ultra Facial Cream50mL
Ultra Facial Toner 75mL
I have personally tried all of these products and cannot diss them! All you have to do is tell me in 25 WOL what makes you want to try Kiehl’s products?

Just leave your answer in the comments section along with your email. Winners will be announced on the 1st of May 2013.