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BROWsing through the month with my Ottoman3 Brows

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Being a beauty blogger you would have thought the first thing I would have jumped on when it became big in Melbourne was Brow Threading… But I didn’t. It wasn’t something that appealed to me and to be honest I was scared and preferred to stick to what I knew  waxing. I knew nothing of it except for the fact they use string and that was about as far as y knowledge extended.

So when I was invited by Nicole from @materialgirlpr   ( to attended the brand new Ottoman3 bar in Watergardens, it was an offer to good to resist- plus it was perfect timing being my daughter’s birthday a week afterwards.

Ottoman3 can be found down the Coles end of Watergardens and would have to have the most stunning shop front, which looks like it is straight from the high-class streets of Turkey.
O3 takes inspiration from the ornate architecture of the Ottoman Empire & the opulence of the era. The company strives to bring that same luxury into their stores & now, into their products.
 With Byzantine & Persian influences, O3 incorporates the colours of gold representing the indulgences, blues for the flow of water & white, to represent cleanliness & purity. Cleanliness, Fabulous Customer Service & Affordable Luxury are the 3 values that drive the O3 brand & have been the basis of the band’s success.

In their store they stock O3 products, which will not disappoint- I purchased a powder brow pencil. The O3 Brow product range collection is an extension of the existing Threading service that aims to achieve symmetrical Brows. The products are designed to define & refine Brows for a soft, natural & complete look. First to be developed is the Brow Powder Pencil, which is a hybrid between a powder & a pencil. Delivered in 2 shades, Rich & Soft Brown, these colours have been strategically chosen after Threading over 110,875 Brows to suit all hair & skin types. The non waxy formula glides on creating a powdery finish, delicately enhancing & filling in the Brow. The Brow Bone Highlighter offers a matte highlighter on one tip and a shimmer highlighter on the other, defining the arch of the Brow with a soft, luminous appearance to complete the Brow shape. The O3 Brow product range is made in Germany and is available online ( and in store at Melbourne Central, Highpoint and Watergardens for the RRP of $23 for the Brow Powder Pencil and $26 from the Brow Bone Highlighter.

Please excuse my totally hideous hair and outfit, I had just come from the gym! 

As I sat in the seat I became quite nervous, and to be honest I had reason to be. This was my first time so I am not sure if this contributed but my experience was quite painful and literally made me curl my toes and dig my fists into my stomach. When I opened my eyes I had tears running down my face, and also my Benefit mascara.



When I saw the mirror for the first time after the left brow was done I was so surprised at how amazing it turned out and how perfectly straight the line were. It was worth the pain that is like a wax but super slow and gradual.

I thought I would hang out a few weeks before getting my post up though to see if threading really lasts as long as waxing and to my surprise it is about the same.

Angle of this photo makes my brows look they are on totally different levels- or I am giving the Rock look, you decide! 

Walking out of that store I felt like I was sporting the next KK brows ;-P Ok add in a little (well a lot of red) and my brows were banging' if I do say so myself! Thank you so much Nicole and the team at Ottoman3

If you would like to find out more head to

Target’s Greatest Toy Sale on Earth

Sunday, 27 July 2014
The Target’s Greatest Toy Sale on Earth kicked off almost a week ago, and as always Target held an amazing preview event for a lucky few; and I was invited to come along to this jaw dropping event.

To begin with I had no idea where I was heading on Little Lonsdale St, but before long I was greeted by a Target lady as circus ring leader, dressed in Target’s signature red, black, white and holding a Target lollypop (like that you would find a traffic controller holding.)  

So then it was a little mission trying to get the pram down this dark alley way, and around the corner until the laneway was lit up with Target spotlights and a red carpet to match. We were at the back of the Thousand £ Bend, which is somewhere I had never thought of heading for a night out, but will keep it in mind as the front café was buzzing. Anyway, so the girls and I walked up the red carpet feeling a little A-lister-like where we were greeted by more Target circus ringleaders- only these ones were holding bubbly beverages for us older kids and flavored milk for the real kids.

I could have counted to 5 before I lost the girls in two different directions. Hayley who is 5 headed straight to the girly corner of Ever After High to have her nails and hair attended to.

While my youngest ran straight to the Peppa Pig section to play.

In the middle of the room there was an amazing carousel filled with little black Mercedes Benz 
and Cat diggers for the kids to ride.
 But if they were big enough I can tell you now this big kid would have jumped on for a ride J

There was also a star wars area where there were quite a few Lego areas set up to play, and a photobooth.
To the right of that there was Hot Wheels set up and a helicopter launching pad (miniature toy ones of course.) Also there was an area where Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were set up, and this is also where I would find Madison who is 3 spending a lot of her time- just like her Mummy! I used to love the TMNT as a child so it is great to see them returning to shelves for our children to enjoy.

As always Target has amazing service and catering is never short of perfect. At the end of the night there was a surprise dessert arriving, and I had no idea they meant an ice-cream truck will show up at the door step. Of course Madison took advantage of this and treated herself to an ice-cream.

 We then headed back inside and prepared to leave, but before we did the girls were lucky enough to receive a lucky dip.

Basically this night was to give us a sneak peak at the Top Target toys and ones that will fly out the door when the sale begins. I can confirm they were spot on, and as I headed into the Toy Sale yesterday the shelves were quickly becoming empty and all those Top Toys were going out the door like hot cakes. I couldn’t help myself and left the store with the Peppa Pig playset as my girls had so much fun- plus for $99 you get so much included in the one playset, so I was SOLD!

I would encourage every family out there to take advantage of Target’s toy sale and of course their Christmas Lay-by as to be realistic its less then half a year away now and before you know it Xmas will come knocking on the door.

If you would like to find out more about The Greatest Toy Sale on Earth you can head to the link below:  

Disney on Ice presents Treasure Trove 2014

Thursday, 10 July 2014
Last Sunday our little clan ventured out into the wild Melbourne Winter weather, which to be honest you don’t know what you are going to get. And were quite surprise when I found the sun shining and not too much wind around.

This was my first venture out since undergoing surgery on my stomach (which I will make a post about and fill everyone in, I just have to wait for my results in August so I can actually let everyone know the details and what is going on). I was quite scared to hurt myself further, as I had already ripped one of my stitchers out but the want to see my girls smile overpowered anything else I was feeling- and lucky for me I had Mr. Daddy man there to help me with the girls.
So you guys might actually now be wondering where we ventured off to.. If you couldn't tell by the above photo of my little Minnie Mouse and princess, we of course being huge Disney fans headed off to into the world of Disney on Ice once again.

Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove brings many of our all time favourites as well as the newer Disney Characters to the ice.
Get lost with Rapunzel and Flynn and enter the worlds of your other favourite Disney princesses - CinderellaJasmineArielSleeping BeautyBelleMulan and Snow White.  Set sail with Peter Pan, the always playful Tinker Bell and the cunning Captain Hook and his crew as they head on an adventure beyond Never Land!  Trek through the wilderness and wildlife of Africa with SimbaNalaPumbaa and Timon as they discover the true meaning of the ‘Circle of Life.’  Embark on a mischievous ride with WoodyJessie and Buzz Lightyear from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story and explore the mystical and marvelous Wonderland with Alice and the Mad HatterDisney On Ice presents Treasure Trove will take Australian audiences on the journey of a lifetime.

The girls (ok and secretly myself), are massive fans of Disney On Ice and for the past 3 years- even before having Madison, we have been to the Disney on Ice show and watched in complete awe how these performers skate and carve up that ice like it is nothing. I am telling you a few weeks ago I tried my hand at ice-skating and was a failure landing on my butt more then once (I do believe my butt was on the ice more then my skates). Yet here are these Disney on Ice Performers spinning, twirling and jumping through the air with ease. I think I only saw one fall for the entire show, which is spectacular.

The opening act this year really did change from all other years I have been and instead of opening the show with Mickey and Minnie we were surprised to see Toy Story was the opening act for this one. It all starts with a Treasure Chest in the middle of the ice rink (well rectangle) which makes sense considering this was the Treasure Trove show.
Each year not too much changes and a lot of the acts remain the same, but hey my girls watch the Disney Frozen movie over and over again which is kind of the same thing. Although I think being a Treasure Trove show, it was their while of compiling the best of’s into one show, which makes sense.

The girls favourite once again this year was Tinkerbell- well Peter Pan but, part of the act where Tinkerbell came flying in and sprinkled her fairy dust everywhere and also the fireworks went off.

My favourite this year was my childhood favourite, which I used to watch on repeat and drive my family crazy- The Lion King. I was singing along to every single song and lyric there was :-) I felt like a child again, even if it was briefly. 

There was even a giant elephant on Ice :-) 

One thing I really give credit to is the teams timing with intervals, it is just as the kids get restless and same with the end of the show. I know with my kids towards the end of this show they became restless and a little grumpy- but this was probably due to the fact it was past their dinner time and their bed time J

Disney on Ice is a fantastic school holiday activity and one that if you go to, you will not be disappointed. Although be prepared to spend up as the merchandise WILL cost you a small fortune, the girls flashing cups with ice in them cost $18 a piece! 

I don’t care what anybody says, I saw adults there with no children- but I WILL NEVER EVER be too old for Disney on Ice, but thankfully anyway I can always use the kids as an excuse haha.

Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE! returns to the shores of Melbourne in 2014

Tuesday, 8 July 2014
Cold Winter’s day in Melbourne, and even colder on the bay of St Kilda beach. But in a matter of minutes we were going to escape this cold and make a dash for the Palais Theatre for a morning filled with sillies and giggles thanks to Yo Gabba Gabba.
Yo Gabba Gabba returned to the shores of Australia (almost literally on the shore line of St Kilda) for the return of their Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE! Show.

Last year as you may all be aware we went to the Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE! Show, you can see my review HERE. So I thought it would be great this year to compare the two shows and see how much they had changed if at all.

Firstly I need to give credit to DJ Lance Rock, I don’t know how this bloke can get on stage over and over again and perfom the same songs and dance and each and every time with so much enthusiasm and electrifying energy- I think he should get into the ears of many performers these days, as this within itself is raw talent.

This time last year my girls weren’t as into Yo Gabba Gabba as they are now and back then didn’t know many of their songs. So it was great this year to be able to take them along and watch them sing and dance to their favourite songs such as “I like to dance.”

Even Daddy (Matt) and Mummy (me) walked out of there humming and even singing along to their songs. That “Wiggle, Wiggle STOP. Wiggle, Wiggle, STOP.. HOLDDD STILLLL” is still running through my head now, weeks after.
This show was very similar to the last and the only things that have changed were the Dancey Dance buddy and a special guest who came on and performed an amazing song.
The Dancey Dance Buddy this year was no other then Chrissie Swan, who was quite laid back in her appearance but also had a lot of fun up there on the stage. She instructed the little kids what the dance moves would invole, but then got a little caught up and laughed to herself when the music started and the moves were to be performed faster.

The special guest they had this year was Adilita, which is a favourite of Matt’s and I found him singing along to the song she played and singing into Madison’s ear J Bit of a cute Daddy Moment.
If there was one thing I would love to suggest for next year is there should be a part where children can dance and get those sillies out. The staff there tell you that your child can dance in front of their site, but one if they are small they cannot see and two there is not even 30cm’s to dance in. So it makes it a little hard for the little ones to get really involved when they are ushered back into their seats from the isle, as they want to dance along with Dj Lance and his friends.

Lots and lots of bubbly fun
All in all the show was great and Madison had handfuls of fun, and Mummy and Daddy were happy to escape the elements of Winter in Melbourne.
We will return next year (that is if they will do the honour of returning back to Melbourne again this year).
If you saw this show I would love to hear your thoughts and favourite parts.
To find out more you can head to

Tea Blossoms REVIEW

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Summers for me consist of icey cold drinks and frozen shakes where as Autumn/Winter is enjoyed with hot chocolates and piping hot tea.

There are so many amazing uses for tea other then drinking. Below are just some of the few uses for tea, although I will only be drinking my good quality Tea Blossoms Tea.
Relieve your tired eyes
Yes, just the way you would when you pop cucumbers on your eyes. I do believe green tea also claims to tighten your eyes and reduce the look of the bags under your eyes.
Reduce razor burn
This is a trick my Mum taught me, and is one that works amazingly on my shaved legs.  You need to be careful with the blend you use as some can irritate your legs even more.
Stop foot odor
My cousin had the worst smelling feet a nose had ever met and seriously smelt like rotting meat. But after soaking his feet in a very concentrated tea once a night for a week his foot odor was reduced incredibly and even subsided completely in 2 months.
Green Tea and weight loss has now been linked with one another. I don’t particularly like the taste of green tea hot, but will drink it iced and with a hint of lemon.
I approached Tea Blossom’s a little while ago in regards to their beautiful range of products where they went on to send me a few samples of a couple of their blends of tea.
One of the items that appealed to me the most and stood out from a lot of the other brands on the market Is the
BLOSSOM TEA $25 for 16 pieces.

Green Tea, Red Lily and Jasmine Peach. Tender high-grade green tea buds topped with beautiful Lily and jasmine flowers Designed to dazzle. Complimanted with sweet peach aroma. 16 Cup Size Blooming balls of Green Tea, Red Lily and Jasmine Packed in a beautiful Gift Box. Great gift for any occasion.
 There are a couple of blends of this tea but I was sent the Green Tea, Red Lily and Peach Flower Tea balls. These balls are absolutely divine and uncurl out into a little plant/flower tea mass at the bottom of your tea cup. It is so beautiful to watch when you add the water and watch the little ball unwind into something truly amazing.
Tea Blossoms Chamomile Foxtrot $12.50 for 100g
Chamomile tea, made from chamomile leaves and flowers, is a very pleasant, aromatic tea with a fruity flavour. Known for alleviating a wide range of health ailments, including colds, toothache, headaches and menstrual cramps, it is especially prised for relieving restlessness, insomnia and calming the nerves. With its relaxing and reviving properties and a mild, soothing, delicate taste, chamomile is an ideal evening tea
Chamomile tea is my favourite tea of all, with a heaped teaspoon of raw honey and a wedge of lemon.
This is my before bed tea as it does help to relax both myself and my stomach cramps. I will however wait until I need to go toilet and then jump into bed or else I will get up during the night to relieve myself.
The aroma that comes off the Tea Blossoms Chamomile blend though is truly amazing.
Tea Blossoms Fairytale Silk Tea Bags $22.50 for 30 bags.

Green tea with clean taste perfectly blended with rose blossoms, marigold flowers, orange blossoms and natural strawberry and raspberry flavoring. Excellent with honey or sugar.
This is the only exception to green tea I like alone without adding anything else into the hot water. I don’t use boiling water from the kettle as this can burn and kill of some of the benefits within the tea.
You can smell the amazing scents of the fruit blends within this tea, which for me is a big plus! It is not very often you can smell the fruit AND taste it, which with this tea you can.
So these were my absolute stand out favourites from the samples I was sent, but no doubt I will go on to purchase more in the coming months as it gets colder.
If there is one thing I could say that Tea Blossoms could do is to add a search bar into their site so that you can easily search for an ingredient you would like in your tea and then purchase from there. There are sooo many different blends to some this may be overwhelming having to go through each sub-bar to find the blends for you.

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