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My month ahead..

Friday, 31 January 2014
February marks a lot of things for me and will in a way change my life.

The first major milestone in Feb is my little girl Hayley heads off to school for the very first time. I think it has now set in that not much can be done to prevent the inevitable and one day I will have to let go of my little girl. So on Monday my girl starts a new adventure of her life and I know she will do me proud.

The second milestone also falls on my little girls first day of school, which will help me never to forget the date. This milestone marks the day that Matthew and I have been together for 4 amazing years.

We have had our ups and our downs but no matter what the good outweigh the bad. So many great memories have been made together and I cannot wait to spend my life with him and experience all life with Matthew has to offer.

Then there is my baby sister’s 18th birthday… It feels like only a few years ago I held her for the first time and wondered to myself how a baby can be born with red hair- that totally was not normal to me… Then there were the years of having to put up with my clothes and makeup being stolen and her always getting me into trouble- but then again it worked both ways I used to blame her for a lot of things to.

It will be good seeing her turn 18 and be legal, which means I can now have someone to attend over 18 gigs with when Matt isn’t up for it. I cannot wait to legally go out with her and celebrate with a few cocktails.

Of course Feb was also a month where another beautiful soul was born into the world… (So he thinks!!)
Matthew’s birthday also falls in Feb. It will be good to spend this day with him and the girls and take him somewhere special. We are not big celebrators of birthdays unless they are big ones.

February also has a whole heap of other birthday’s and events but these are just some of the more important ones.

I look forward to sharing my February with you and watching it unfold.



Introducing | Melbourne International Coffee Expo is Australia’s largest dedicate coffee event - 15 – 18 May 2014

Thursday, 30 January 2014
Are you one of those people that cannot start their day, or is nowhere near human until you have you cup of coffee?! Yeah me too, and it has only been a recent thing for me as I used to hate the stuff. I think the reason why I never like coffee is when I was at home living with Mum she only used to have the dodgy Nescafe stuff, that taste like crap.

 But then I was introduced to the REAL coffee, straight out of the machine. And I instantly fell in love before even taking a sip, I fell for the grinding of the beans and the aroma it set off.

So for all you coffee lovers out there, I am happy to let you know there will be an event this year purely showing coffee :-0 :-0 I bet that got your attention! This expo is the Melbourne International Coffee Expo is Australias largest dedicate coffee event.

The 2014 Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE2014) will take place from 15 – 18 May 2014 at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

Now in its fourth year, MICE2014 has grown to become a major coffee event in the international industry calendar, attracting industry professionals and coffee lovers from around the world.

The event regularly welcomes over 120 exhibitors, including roasters, machine manufacturers and distributors, complimentary equipment providers, coffee educators, and more. Over 12,000 professionals and coffee lovers attended the 2013 event, and organisers are expecting an even bigger turnout this year.

In 2014, MICE visitors will be able to learn about the latest and greatest in coffee, while checking out some impressive international coffee competitions. The worlds best latte art skills will be put to the test, when MICE2014 hosts the official World Latte Art Championship. Baristas from around the world will be showing off their artistic skills in one of the worlds most popular coffee competitions.

I cannot wait to wrap my taste buds around some quality coffee that will have me buzzing around all day. I actually feel for my partner when I return home on a massive coffee buzz- it is fair to say the house will be cleaned from top to toe that night with my coffee fueled binge.

MICE2014 will similarly be hosting the World Cup Tasting Championships, a timed event where competitors need to correctly identify the odd coffee out of three; and also the World Coffee in Good Spirits Competition, where baristas/bartenders put forward their best coffee cocktail.

The event is reserved for industry professionals from 15 – 16 May, and open to the public from 17 – 18 May.  For more information visit


Valentine's Day Release | Illamasqua

Wednesday, 29 January 2014
What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day then having a hint of red in your outfit or makeup. For me I love a good red, red lipstick and or red nails. For obvious reasons you shouldn’t make everything red but that little splash of red will make all the difference, and as you may know red is the colour of love and is often associated with Valentine’s Day. The lips that Matt will be kissing this Valentine's Day will be sure to leave their mark thanks to Illamasqua :-) 

I am all for collection those limited releases on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter etc. So I was super excited to hear that Illamasqua is launching a range in time for Valentine’s Day, that is actually inspired by the day you would imagine.

Sensual, wearable scarlet’s – Throb, Touch, Maneater and Feisty in an amorous new collection that reflects and celebrates the colour of love.  Indulge in a little self-love.

This Valentine’s Day, we invite you cherish the person with whom you have the most intimate relationship; yourself. Allow our scarlet quartet to enhance your unique features. Seek comfort in the familiarity of three classic Illamasqua shades, and open your heart to a brand new addition to our Intense Lipgloss range.
Below are some of the range I was lucky enough to get my hands on for review purposes, of course I was also given them to have a play with and wear on Valentine’s Day and every other day.

NEW! Intense Lipgloss in Touch - $22.00
Infused with fine shimmer particles, this
plush gloss will add depth and fullness to
your lips.
I’m not usually a lipgloss girl as you all may know, I have been converted to lippies. The only reason I do not like a gloss is now I have long hair my hair often gets stuck to it and becomes sticky. The only time I am caught wearing a gloss is when my hair is in an updo and away from my lips.

I do however love the formula of Illamasqua’s Intense Lipgloss and the colour certainly fits right in with the product name. I have also never used a lipgloss that has such a great colour pigment and is not really opaque. It honestly goes on like a super shiny. Once it settles into your lips it also doesn’t remain really wet and sticky, but to be completely honest this formula never even starts sticky.

Nail Varnish in Throb- $22.00
Apply 2 coats of this glossy blood red shade for an elegant, classic manicure.
I did not actually receive this product for review. But knowing how good Illamasqua’s nail lacquers are you will not be disappointed and the colour is a beautiful red. 
NEW! Colouring Pencil in Feisty - $21.00
A creamy addition to your lip collection, use our Feisty pencil to create a precise and alluring red lip.
Going to be hand on the bible honest here.. I have never actually used a lip pencil or colouring pencil before in my life. To me they seems a little old school and I would always picture that whole look of when your lippy starts to wear off your left with just a colour line around your lips.
You can use this product to line your lips so that when you put lipstick on it is perfectly lined around the outside. I did try that and it turned out great, but the way I love to use this is actually as a lipstick with the gloss over top. I found this locked in the colour and even once the lipgloss had faded and gone I was still left with perfectly red lips. I will be on the lookout for more great lip liner and colouring products now thanks to this one.

Lipstick in Maneater- $25.00
An intense, full coverage formula, apply this lipstick to bare lips for a long-lasting pop of colour.
I literally died and went to a heavenly hell. This red is what you would picture Satin’s skin to be and is one I LOVE and will use down to the very last bit. This red right here will be replacing all my other red lipsticks and be my main red!
The formula also is great, it isn’t oily but it isn’t dry. For me it is just the right formula but you can find at times it is a little hard to apply. My favourite way to apply, which I find is more accurate is with a brush. I take a bit of the lipstick off and work it into a soft blob and then paint away like Picasso on my lips- Love it!

Golden Globes Worthy | Macadamia Natural Oil

A little while back now all eyes were on the ladies of the Golden Globes. Whether is was criticism or love for their outfits or makeup/hair the prying eyes of the press were on them.

One lady in particular caught my eye, and that was of course the stunning Naomi Watts’. Everything about her on the day was perfect including her amazing blonde locks created by Giannandrea.

Now I don’t have short hair like Naomi and my hair certainly is not blonde, but this was a look I wanted to create with my own hair.

It has been a while since I wore my hair completely straight as it is just so long and can weigh the top of my head down and make it look like I have no volume at all. But after seeing the ladies of the Golden Globes pull it off, I thought now was my chance to see how it goes.

Editorial and Celebrity Hair Stylist, Giannandrea (The Wall Group), whose roster of clients include Naomi Watts, Megan Fox and Scarlett Johansson, worked his magic on Naomi Watt’s hair for the 71st annual Golden Globes using Macadamia Natural Oil hair products.

Watts wore her long bob (LOB) sleek and straight with a side-part for a super-chic look to compliment her embellished retro halter gown with sheer side cut outs by Tom Ford. “We opted for a straight blowout to feed off the sexiness and edginess of her dress,” Giannandrea explained. To get her hair red carpet ready, Giannandrea had Watts prep hair the night before with (1) Flawless, Macadamia Natural Oil’s cleansing conditioner. Flawless is an innovative 6-in-1 cleansing system that cleanses, conditions, cuts blow dry time in half, detangles, enhances volume and eliminates frizz.
To create this look I did have a little help and I did copy the exact steps celebrity hair stylist Giannandrea used on Naomi Watts’ hair.

Giannandrea’s Five Easy Steps to get Naomi Watt’s Golden Globes look:
1.            Cleanse and condition with Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless (RRP from $42.95) the night before
2.     Spray hair with Macadamia Natural Oil Luxurious Oil Spray (RRP from $39.95) before blow-drying
3.     Blow-dry hair with large round bristle brush like the Macadamia Natural Oil Large Hot Tube Brush (RRP from $32.95)
4.     Separate 2.5 cm sections of hair and spray with Macadamia Natural Oil Control Hairspray (RRP from $29.95) before flat-ironing entire head 
5.     Finish the look by running fingers through hair with Macadamia Natural Oil Luxurious Oil Treatment (RRP from $42.95)

While using these products I may have found the next best thing since Argan Oil for your hair. And by far smells so much more pleasant, I honestly cannot get enough of this product.

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque- Is what I used on my hair the night before to make sure my locks were hydrated and looking their best. The way this product smells people around me would certainly think I have stepped out of the salon with one of their treatments. It is amazing and leaves my hair looking and smelling fresh and clean.  It also did not leave my hair oily the next day like a lot of the masques on the market do to my hair, which is also a massive bonus.

Macadamia Natural Oil Control Hairspray- Was used the exact way Giannandrea’s used it in Watts’ hair. I just sprayed a tiny amount on the area where I was working and then straightened away. I found that the less I used the better it worked and turned out.  This also did not have the horrid chemical smell most hairsprays had and also left your hair smelling great. Let me tell you by the time my look was completed I don’t think I even had to wear perfume to smell lovely.

Macadamia Natural Oil Luxurious Oil Treatment and then the Luxurious Oil Spray- For me this the same product just with different packaging and consistencies. For obvious reasons the spray is a lot less thick then the treatment in the squirt bottle, so it can be sprayed out properly. As I have just said the oil treatment is a lot thicker and a little bit goes a heck of a long way. My hair is almost down to my bum and two squirts covered the lot. Where as with the spray I had to use 5-6 sprays all over my head to cover it nicely.
With both of these products I used them on my hair as soon as I got out of the shower and towel dried it. I then went on my way and blow-dried it as normal.

Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless-  At first I had no idea how I was going to go about using this product and what on earth you did with it. I thought that maybe it was like a dry shampoo, that is until I read up about it on the bottle and followed the instructions.
For me this product has been a real life saver while showering with two broken toes. After a few minutes my good foot gets sore from taking all the weight and I start to slip and slide around and get really annoyed- so this is where this has saved me from having to wash, condition and treat my hair in the shower.

The flawless comes out of the can like a mousse would and all you do is apply it to your hair, let it rest for a few minutes then rinse. That is literally all you have to do and your hair is washed and treated! And my hair came out so silky soft and smelling great after using this… I know what product takes the top shelf spot in my shower now- this!!

This was also the product stated above that Watts’ used the night before to prep her hair J

Let me tell you after using all this amazing Macadamia Natural Oil products I felt like a million bucks and hitting the red carpet somewhere. 

Not only did I love these product but my little one wanted in on the hairstyling- who was I to say no??

Golden Globe images supplied by Getty Images

Products can be found and purchased from the below website :-) :-)  

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