The Body Shop gets me every time, why on earth did they have to put one in close proximity to our Woolworths at the plaza that every time I need to shop I walk past. Well… I don’t actually walk past I walk in, the smells get me every single time!!!
I have picked out some of my favourite products that I would recommend to any body coming into a change of season (soonish.)
The first product on this list is-
The Body Shop Mango Body Butter $27.95 for 200mL
Mango is one of my favourite Summer scents from The Body shop along with coconut, which is also available in a butter and I proudly own. 
Mango is known to be a Summer scent as this is also when they are in season. The Body Shop has an amazing formula and is one of my favourite butter to use all over my body.  It is not horribly oily like many other body butters you can buy, but just enough to melt into your skin leaving it well hydrated.
With the harsh Melbourne sun my skin is often left quite dry and flaky looking. So a good Body Butter for me is really important and something that is a MUST!
Another great body product with a twist is the-
Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil $39.95
Available in Golden Honey and Honey Brown.
The shade I received was of course if you cannot tell by the photo, the Honey Brown. Personally if I were to use that Golden Honey it would only add a shimmer to my skin and no bronzing affect, which is great if that is what you are looking for. 
For me I love the Honey Brown, but have been blessed with the European skin and can get a tan really easily. So I love being able to enhance my tan just that little bit more and then highlight it with the shimmer that is in this Shimmering Dry oil.
As it says in the name of the product this is a dry oil and once it air dries the only way you could tell you are wearing any product is the way your skin shimmers. A great product and if the packaging wasn’t made out of glass I would be keeping this one nice and close and always with my in my handbag.
To keep yourself smelling amazing The Body Shop have a beautiful range of Eau De Tiolette’s.
Vanilla Eau De Toilette $23.95 for 30ml
All of the Eau De Toilette’s usually come in the other scents you will find throughout The Body Shop. You can also get a lot of these in a pure oil form, which some people prefer and say they last longer.
For me I try and keep clear of the oils and much prefer a spray that does not stain my clothing. Vanilla is always a popular scent at The Body Shop and I always see them either down on stock or stocking up in my local The Body Shop.
One scent I have said I have always wanted but just have not gotten around to buying is the Coconut Eau De Toilette- Nobody knows how much I love the smell of coconut, it must come from being half Kiwi and taking trips down to New Zealand as a youngen.
You’re also never overwhelmed by a whole heap of different scents thrown into one Eau De Toilette but instead it is just a lovely, plain, sweet vanilla fragrance.
If you’re after some great products for you face you will also find them in the body shop. As they have an amazing range that is growing steadily and changing always. Some products to get you through the end of this season would certainly include-
Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub $19.95
A scrub in Summer is a must have to help your body in removing all of them dead skin cells from your face and unblocking them probably blocked pores. I know personally myself if I don’t use scrubs in the Summer time my skin starts to get so many blackheads around the nose area.
The Body Shop’s Tea Tree scrub is very gentle on your face, and the exfoliating beads do all the dirty work all you have to do is gently scrub your face (VERY gently.)
After using any scrub on your face I would highly recommend moisturising your face to restore hydration and to stop your skin for drying out.
After using this scrub my face almost feels cool and tingly, and smelling like tea tree.
Another great one for you face comes in the form of makeup but is nothing short of a miracle product for those days you do not feel like caking up the face-
Vitamin E Cool BB Cream- Shade: Glowing $21.95
This is my saviour for those days when it is too hot and no matter what foundation I would like to wear it would melt off my skin.
 It has a light coverage to it and almost just a tint. But works amazingly as an illuminator, highlighting your face and leaving it look like you have had 12hrs of sleep. Talking about 12hrs this is how long the BB cream moisturises your face for, which I am not sure for you but this lasts me right up until the time I wash it off in the evening.
The formula is so light weight and super silky smooth when it comes in contact with you skin. After I have applied this product you will often catch me just lightly touching my face feeling how soft my skin feels.  
I don’t usually like a BB as they never match my skin tone and leave my face looking orange but not this one.
 I will admit though this is my first The Body Shop Cosmetic item.
So in regards to The Body Shop that is it from me… FOR NOW!! I am always looking at expanding my never ending collection of The Body Shop products, so you will be sure to see more of them on here J
If you did want to have a look at their collection from the comfort of your home or phone simply head to