School Lunchbox Saviour | Wet Ones Single Sachet

I have found another product that should definatley be put into your child’s lunchbox this year. Chances are when your child sits down to eat they would not have washed their hands meaning their hands are riddled with germs and bacteria and soon that will be heading into their mouth. NEW  Wet Ones single sachets are a perfect way to ensure your childs hands are clean before eating. And if they are anything like my daughter they will want to show them off and have their friends go home and ask to have the wipes as well haha.  

Wet Ones, Australia’s favourite and most trusted brand of hand, body and face wipes, are launching their new multi-purpose Wet Ones Be Fresh Singles Sachet 10 pack, perfect for children’s lunch boxes and school bags!

Specially formulated to be gentle on the skin, Wet Ones Be Fresh anti-bacterial wipes have been dermatologically tested and are pH balanced. The wipes are also paraben free, making them the perfect hand and body wipe. 
This convenient pack size makes it easy for parents to store in cars, handbags, beach bags, picnic baskets, as well as school bags, ensuring everyone is armed and ready to fight any sticky situation.

These are a complete lifesaver for a germophobe like me! Before I touch anything I often think what else could have touched it and what other germs could have been here and what I could catch.  Finding out that 

Wet ones wipes are effective against germs, killing a whopping 99.9% of bacteria- so the chances of coming in contact with 0.1% of germs and getting sick is very slim.

They are also pH balanced and paraben free, meaning they are safe enough for my girls to use on their hands and body as well as mine. I know they are dermalogically tested but I would not recommend using them on sensitive skin, just in case.

I love the smell of Wet Ones and use them on my body a lot of the times just to refresh and make my skin smell fresh and lovely. My daughter asked if I could buy her a box so that she could leave them in her school bag, now this is a child that is only 5 years old. I love how great Hayley is with hygiene and making sure her hands are always clean.

New Wet Ones Be Fresh Singles Sachet 10 pack are in-store, RRP $2.49

Available from Coles, Priceline & selected pharmacies

For stock list enquiries please call 1800 810 310

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