The Bronzed and the Beautiful |Swatches

Gone are those days where my face was a pale, almost paper white in photos and say HELLLO to beautifully sun kissed skin (even if it isn’t really sun kissed and enhanced with makeup!)

Here I have compiled my top 6 must have amazing bronzers, which are not only perfect for Summer but all year long. I would also love to hear your thoughts if you have used any of these, and I would also love to hear your turn to bronzing product as I am always eager to find great new products.

I love a bronzer I can use both on my face and also my body. All of these bronzers below can be used both ways, although the pots are just your standard size so I wouldn’t recommend body bronzing with them to often.

Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzing Powder 

So out of all the bronzers on this list this is more the affordable product that will not break the bank but also leave your skin sun kissed. I love using the Dream Sun to sculpt my face as it doesn’t cost me a bucket load for something I use quite a lot of in one face. Maybelline was always my turn to product when I was in my teens, and I often still look to it now for a product that works.

OFRA Powder Cake Baked Bronzer- Golden Bronze 


This bronzer reminds me of what I think a gold miner would have seen when they stuck gold. With the bronze and earth tones throughout this cake and then that beautiful glowing gold that just makes them cheeks bling. This would have to be my favourite bronzer to use when I know there are going to be photos involved!!

Arbonne Bronzer 


I do love this bronzer and it permanently lives in my handbag when I need that pick me up and am looking pale. The only thing I wish Arbonne would do is make a few different shades so that you can choose the right one for your face, as I find if I accidently get that tinie weenie little bit too much on my brush it can be very dark. Again this is a fantastic product to use when your contouring your face as you can use a smaller brush and build the product up.

Mineralogie Pressed Blush Bronzer- Barcelona Bronze 


This baby here is your splurge product and is a great investment. I don’t usually like spends a shite load of money on just one product and go for the cheaper alternative, but to be completely honest there is no real cheaper alternative to this and is the one product that will stay in place until you use makeup remover. Don’t get me wrong the other bronzers stay but this one takes staying to a whole new extreme on my skin. I also love this shade as it is only a light bronze and adds a great illuminating effect to the cheeks.

L’Oreal Glam Bronze Duo 


As you all may be aware I am a huge fan of L’oreal and think you get great products for money. L’oreal has three bronzers here in Australia that I know of and the duo is my favourite and one that will be used down to the raw pan!
The Glam Bronze duo is a bronzer and also a highlighter, which in my opinion is a must have so it is awesome to have the two together in the one pan.  I have dropped this bad boy on the tiles in my bathroom and held my breath in horror, only to find that nothing had happened- baked to perfection. Plus is comes with a super sweet brush as the bottom, which I find Is perfect for applying bronzer side ways and the highlighter long ways. It also has a cute mirror on the bottom of the pan, which I did not find out until much later one (score!!)
And at under $25 your certainly not going to break the bank, and can even be a sneaky purchase that nobody (mainly your partner) needs to know about haha. 

Nutrimetics Marble Rouge- Jupiter


Last and certainly not least would be this little precious here. The Marble Rouge is the latest edition to my bronzing collection and is a big contender in a little cake. The heading says it all and it is a multiple shade marble rouge. I love that they use the old school term rouge- you don’t hear it very often anymore as blush and bronzer has phased it out. The shine/glow that comes off this product is absolutely to die for.  VERY affordable and will be one of those things I use until the very last bit and all that will be left is a silver tin bottom!

So that is all from me, I would LOVE to hear what keeps you bronzed and beautiful all year round.