Back To School | OFFICEWORKS

Today I ventured into the pearly white doors no it wasn’t heaven well kind of is my heaven. But I did walk into Officeworks to buy supplies to get my little girl ready for school.

Being a prep that is heading to a Catholic School they actually get boxes of books needed etc with the subject levy. So for me it was all about getting those little things she needed that weren’t included or to better help her learning at home.

I am actually looking forward to that first time Hayley comes home with a reader book or homework and for me to be apart of that learning experience.

Even though I was sponsored to head into Officeworks for a shopping experience. This would have been my place of choice to shop anyway along with my daughters favourite Smiggle.

I was honestly like a child in the candy store and racked up more then I should have and even got some supplies for home, as there are specials in there too good to resist.

So here is a list of all the things I bought for my daughter for her first year of school all up costing $92.91
4x 96page exercise book- a mere .40 cents each.
Itty Bitty Bin for all her homework pens and pencil’s- $2.50
2pk Bling Bling Ruler- $2.00
Pencil Sharpener- $1.59
6pk Highlighter pack- $6.41
135mm Scissors- $3.49
2x Study Mate Blue Sticks- Each .99c
Staed 2B pencil 3pk- $1.97
Staed HB pencil 3pk- $3.35
Dynmo Label Maker- $25.00
Dynmo Labels Iron On cloth tape- $12.88
Lego Brick Bag Tag- $4.95
Sharpie permanent marker 3pk- $9.63
Art Smock- $7.46
2x Little Miss Book Labels- $1.55
Smash Pencil Case- $5.00

Being a first time school Mummy means not only do I need to buy supplies for school but also for home when Hayley brings back homework. Previously to today there is nothing in the house apart from a few mixed textas and the pen here and there. So being able to cut corners and save some cash all while shopping in the one building saved a lot of time and effort for me.

If you are also looking at shopping at Officeworks on those big tagged items and looking to save some money. Officeworks will not be beaten on back to school prices for the whole of January. I would suggest looking around to see if a price is cheaper, which I doubt you will find anyway and head to Officeworks where they will beat it.
Officeworks’ Parent’s Price Promise
Find an identical stocked item on a quoted school list at a lower price and we’ll beat it by 10%*

*As with everything terms and condtions apply, so it is best to jump onto to see what they are. 

For example I really wanted to get an iron on label maker for all of Hayley’s school clothing items and then of course her books as well. I was looking at paying $30- $40 and when I saw them at Officeworks for a mere $25 and PINK of all colours I felt like buying two just because they were so cheap.

If your leaving shopping to the last minute like me Officeworks also offers a great school list service where you just pop in your school name and it will come up with the list of things you will need. And if it doesn’t have the list, you can email them and they will be able to get it for you J

If you would like to find out more on the Officeworks range just head to: