It is finally time to rest my tired head down on the pillow and catch up on them much needed ZZzzz’s.

On Saturday we returned from the Murray River and I bought back with me the most horrible of horrible surprises--- A gnarly tummy bug L Now not only did this make me feel horrible and not be able to meet it also upset me knowing I would more then likely pass it onto the rest of the family as that is usually what happens in this house; once one gets sick we all get sick.

Well it started off with the runs really bad to the point when I needed to go I needed to go even if that meant in the middle of the bush somewhere between NSW and Melbourne we had to stop for a toilet break then that’s what happened.

Then in the morning I woke up feeling like I had been hit with the flu something shocking- sore eyes, headaches, sweats, shivers, loss of appetite, body aches and then of course there was still the pesky runs.

Well it is now Tuesday and the runs are still with me, so I hit up my chemist for some Hydralite and also some Gastro Stop tablets (SAVIOUR!!!) As I now can say I have not gone to the toilet for over 2 hours, which in the past days has been a record by far.

Sadly though my youngest Madison (2) woke up three times last night drowning in vomit. Which meant I had to get up and change the sheets and clothing many times.
It is one thing when you are sick but it is even worse when your kids get sick and you cant take away their pain and suffering.
But in true Madison style not even that could keep her down and she kept on smiling through the groggy naps and joking around making her sister and Mummy laugh as always. It is amazing how even when kids are sick they have such a beautiful nature and attitude towards it.

Luckily Hayley my eldest and Matt have not caught it (touch wood) but they do have some great immune systems going on and Hayley did keep her distance from me telling me she likes to share but not the bugs as she doesn’t like bugs J Cutie Pie

Now I am to scared to re-introduce foods into my tummy as I am not to sure what is safe and what is not.. Any recommendations and what did you do to help your little ones get through their tummy bugs and gastro? Any help that can be given will be muchly appreciated.