Disney Live! presents Mickey’s Magic Show | Review

Disney Live! 
Mickey’s Magic Show -Review
The girls OOTD
Red and white polkadots was the girls OOTD and did I have to bribe them something shocking to get them off for bed! They are Mickey and Minnie Mouse obsessed and have piles and piles of Disney DVD’s and memorabilia.

 So when the girls were told they will be going to the Disney LIVE Mickey’s Magic Show I think if I took their pulse their little hearts would have been off the chart. Hayley was like- “What the REAL Mickey Mouse, I get to see him!!”

The opening curtains
At 3pm today we piled into the car and headed off to the city (Melbourne Exhibition Centre to be more specific) where the show was on.  There were 3 shows on and we were on the last one for the day. There were also another 3 shows on the Saturday. If you’re not in Melbourne then you also have not missed out, there are still shows on in Adelaide, but you must be quick as it shuts up shop on the 19th I do believe. But you can head to

It was quite upsetting seeing so many seats empty for such a fantastic show and one that is very much worth your money. I think it would make a great treat for the kids before or after the tennis if you were heading there as it is just around the corner.

Pretty glitter bombs

I had thought that I would know every magic trick these little guys could pull but was extremely surprised at quite a lot of them and the effects and stage lighting were perfect as always.  Some of the acts included chopping the ladies into half and then swapping their bodies around, floating Sleeping Beauty, shooting a body out of a canon and so many more.

A great thing about sitting at the Plenary is no matter where you sit there is never a bad seat and you always get a great view fairly close to the stage.

This is the Aladdin scene 
This show had quite the selection of characters in it everyone from Mickey, Donald, Goofy all the way through to Belle, Cinderella and even some of the cast from Alladin. My favourite scene and character was definatley Jasmines scene from Aladdin where she was raised up with glowing stars in the background. That and of course the finale where streamers and glitter were sprayed everywhere.

The finale

There was a short interval and the show went for 1.5 hrs or so, which is great bang for your buck. And I love when you have a kids show and they pop an interval in there so that your child and yourself can go for a toilet break without missing anything. But not only that 40mins or so into it they can start to get a little fidgety and loose concentration.

Our group meet and greet photo

Afterwards we got the opportunity to have photos taken with some of the characters and our two characters were Mickey Mouse himself and Goofy. When Mickey came into the room, I think the girls died a little inside especially little Madison. She watches this mouse on TV and almost idolises him and obsesses over him. Everything in her room is Minnie and Mickey so it is great to be able to let her meet him for the very first time! I have to send a MASSIVE thank you to Larissa for making this possible for us.

The girls meet and greet photo

So Adelaidians if you are not busy on the 19th I do recommend taking the kids down to this amazing and jaw dropping show- I bet there will be a trick you walking away and google how they did it!!