Foundations the won't melt in the heat

Now usually I never have to change my foundation because of the heat unless I am going for a darker shade as my skin has tanned. But the last year and now this year my skin really has been hating on this weather. If it isn’t dry and flakey then it will be oily as all hell.

Nine times out of ten my skin becomes oily in the sun and with a layer suffocating my pores. So I have been on the hunt for a product that not only lets my skin breath but also provides me with great coverage. Now I found 4 standout products along the way.. Yes I was sent these products but I was also sent and bought a whole heap of others but was able to narrow it down to just three, and here they are.


1.       Maybelline FITme! Foundation 125, 220, 210

For me finding a foundation that has a wide range of colours always appeals to me, as chances are when I am
buying a foundation I am always that inbetween shade. But thanks to the FITme! Range I no longer have that problem and I don’t think anyone should as their range is amazing. It goes on silky smooth and dries silky smooth, which is always a good way to finish off a face.

From left to right: 125,220,210

2. Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation SPF 15+ - Natural Beige $56.00

Ok now this wouldn’t be complete if I did not add in a little Arbonne to the table. This is a very easy to use bottle that doesn’t mean leaving foundation everywhere on my working station. Its just a little pump bottle, which does worry me a little when putting into my makeup bag as I am scared the lid will come off and it will squirt everywhere, so I tend to keep this one at home. Arbonne also has a great range of shade in their foundation department and there is sure to be a shade for you. This is a very light foundation that allows your skin to breath but also gives me the best coverage possible. It is not a thick product either when it comes out of the bottle.

3. Mineralogie Liquid Foundation- Liquid Hydration – Soft Beige $59

This is the only foundation (liquid/powder form) I have used from Mineralogie and one that I love taking with me in my handbag.  This is like a tube of foundation meets a pump pack as it is the packing of the tube foundation and then has the easy to use pump, which means it is less messier and you can be more precise with the amount that comes out of the tube.  
Although unlike the other foundations in this post this is more of a lighter foundation, which actually reminds me of a BB or CC cream. It is just a sheer tint that is perfect for them Summer days when you don’t want to suffocate them pores. It really leaves your skin silky smooth and so soft to touch!

4. ELES Mineral Foundation Powder Foudantion- Tender Beige $66.50

Saving the best until last here- This is my deadset favourite foundation of ALL TIME, I have NEVER used a foundation better then this and I have a feeling I will never find one as good as this. This is like a silky thick mousse that goes on better then any other I have tried. I wear this foundation almost every single day and have not had one single breakout, although I do get a heck load of compliments on my skin and people asking me if I even had makeup on. I am not the only one to have said this about this product either, there have been many friends around me that swear not only by this but the entire ELES range- I can agree with them as there is no cutting corners with ELES.

Some other great products for your face include:

·     Illamasqua Skin Base Lift Medium 02, Light 02

You may have seen all the hype lately on defining and contouring your face- pretty sure Kim Kardashian’s MUA put it out there. These two products I find work amazing in doing so and there are of course other shades to choose from, which I plan on making apart of my collection J  They are a great sized palette and a little bit goes a long way.

My two favourite Lumi pens: 

·     Maybelline Dream LUMItouch 02 Nude (top)

An amazing product that works great to conceal your face as well as illuminate and highlight it in the areas you feel necessary. For me I use this product under my eyes, where the skin tends to darken quite a lot and then anywhere I would imagine the sun to touch, so it reflects the light giving me that glowing effect.

·     L’Oreal  Lumi Magique (bottom)
Another Lumi pen, but is more of an illuminator rather then a concealer like the Maybelline product. I usually wear this when I am not feeling like loading my face up with makeup and just want something lights that brightens my face up in problem areas. I would have to say this is more luminous then the Maybelline product but then some may say it is a little full on. Like when my sister comes and uses my makeup she goes with this one rather then the Maybelline as she loves the glow it throws off. It is also a much lighter formula and you can barely tell your wearing anything, except you look like you have that glowing look like the one you can get while pregnant.
Maybelline is upper and L'Oreal is lower

***These are all just my opinions and what works best on my skin, I have not been paid to make this post in anyway shape or form, although I have been provided with these products for review purpouses. I never post about anything I do not like and you will never get a sugar coated opinion, EVER!