Heading Back to School | MOOV head lice treatment

There is almost no way of avoiding catching head lice at school or kinder now. The parents need to be better educated in taking precautions of making sure your child does not have head lice and if they do to not spread them.

Just looking at this picture and talking about lice make my head itch. 

Head lice is my number one pet hate and one thing I cannot stand!! My poor little Hayley had head lice 3 times last year and after treating her hair, everyone’s hair in the home and all the bedding etc she would go back to kinder and BANG- the lice were back. It got so bad that I even had to make a complaint as I could not stand my poor girl scratching her head and having to go through treatments every 2 weeks or so.
Having trust in a head lice product is really important to me because I want something that does the job and really works. But I also want a product this is not harsh on my children’s hair and head- there is a certain brand on the market that will burn your hair and eyes and a stench that stays in your hair for weeks no matter what you do.
A brand I have been trying out is Moov. All their products are Australian Made and Owned, which I always tend to go for.
MOOV Head Lice Solution 200mL - RRP $ 22.95

Fast & easy to use with a pleasant fragrance and reusable shower cap included, MOOV Head Lice Solution is the result of many years of dedicated Australian research.
The Moov head lice solution is great but does have that distinctive lice treatment smell (tea tree oil), which my girls really don’t like. I know as a child I did not like it either as everybody would know you have had your hair treated for headlice. But luckily unlike the other products on the market this doesn’t have those really bad chemicals that burn your eyes and your head. Even though it has that smell this can easily be removed with a good hair masque or even J&J Detangler as it contains natural essential oils.
But the best thing about this product is not only does it kill the head lice it also leaves your hair looking amazing and silky soft. I would almost be happy to use this on the girls once a month just to make sure head lice never come back!
The lice solution kills both the head lice and their eggs.
I love that this product also comes with a shower cap so that product doesn’t drop all over the place when you apply the product in a place other then the bath.
MOOV Head Defence Spray 120mL - RRP $ 12.95
This daily leave-in spray is light, non-greasy and conditions hair whilst simultaneously delivering effective protection against head lice throughout the school day.
MOOV Head Lice Defence Spray can also be used during the head lice treatment cycle to prevent re-infestation.
Now in terms of head lice treatment this is a must have and something I had never thought about until I was given a care package. I will not be letting my little girl walk out the door without her hair spritz of defence spray. 
It is proven to have 8 hours of protection, meaning my Miss Hayley will be protected for the school period and then some.  But not only does it protect Hails hair it also conditioners her hair, which makes brushing her hair and popping it into a pony or bun easy.
MOOV Head Lice Combing Conditioner (comb included)
RRP $ 16.95
MOOV Head Lice Combing Conditioner helps make egg & head lice detection and removal as stress free and straight forward as possible. It has a low irritant formulation which contains eucalyptus oil.
The included comb features stainless steel teeth that won’t bend or break and are aligned to help catch the lice and remove the eggs. The comb has been designed to easily glide through hair, and the conditioner detangles hair, leaving it soft and smooth.
There is no way known you could get this value for money with another product out on the market today. I have paid more then $17 just for the metal comb itself. You can buy treatments that come with a brush but it is plastic and to be completely honest with you they are USELESS!
Also it is a lot more conditioning then the solution and allows you to easily comb the head lice out with out also coming your child or your hair out. I have used some treatments that make your hair so sticky and you end up combing and pulling more hair out then you do head lice.
If I had to choose a product be it this or the solution I would certainly go with this, but then again they are all made for different uses. I will be going to Priceline and stocking up on this stuff so I will never be caught out on my daughters first year of school.
Manufactured in Australia to pharmaceutical standards The MOOV Head Lice range is available in pharmacies and Priceline stores nationally