Keeping my house protected with CREST

The last few nights have seen incredible lightning shows and thunderstorms, which are mostly dry but still very dangerous. There has also been a few blackout’s thanks to the overload of airconditioners being used during this heatwave in Melbourne. The power has surged twice in our home but I was not so worried this time around as I was protected by Crest and their surge protection gear.

Crest's 'Power' range provides your home with 24/7 protection against excessive fluctuations in power supply coming through the grid and into your home. Electronics like televisions and fridges are most at risk as they are typically left switched on throughout the night!

Now that we're entering the summer months your home and appliances are even more vulnerable to severe power surges due to freak storms and extreme weather events. Surge protectors offer protection in power circuits by sacrificing themselves. The energy that might have damaged your equipment is absorbed or reduced by the protector instead.

Crest Double Outlet with Surge $29.95
This one I have used on the Macbook and printer in the spare room. All of our very important documents and photos are stored on the Macbook so it is very important to keep it safe. In our house, we don’t often switch off the computer but just put it too sleep, as between Matt and I we are on it quite a lot and it is a pain to switch it on and off again- impatient I know!

Crest Single Outlet with Surge Suppression $19.95
This single one was a little tricky to find a place for, but after heading to the crest website (below) I found the perfect place for a single plug; the fridge. For us this is probably the only place we could use a single outlet as most things we run are multiple plugs in the one place.
We HAVE previously lost a fridge to a power outage, which did something to the motor and that was it. It would have cost us more to repair the old fridge then to buy a new one, so we got a new one instead.
So for me I love the fact that I have now safely surge protected my fridge, which means this can never happen again. And if it does then I am covered under warranty from Crest.

Crest Surge Board with Coaxial protection 4 Socket $69.95
This is of course a board that is best used at your main TV location or any other TV location. Where our TV is we have a TV (derr), the foxtel box, the phone and then our internet… All very important and quite expensive things that we certainly do not want damaged. This unit also has the holes to put your sockets, we did not actually use these as my partner couldn’t see it working and we also do not have an aerial.
This unit looks quite bulky but we screwed it onto the back of out tv unit, there is a nifty handle on the board which helps to do this.

All Crest Surge Protectors are:

Specifically designed to filter and clean electricity in your home providing a safety zone for your valuable AV and IT equipment from damaging electrical spikes and surges. These harmful voltage fluctuations may occur from local power interruptions electrical storms or even from switching on and off major appliances such as air conditioners. Supported by our Connected Equipment Warranty and Power Related Event Warranty covering both the board and your connected equipment Crest Platinum Surge Protectors provide you with total peace of mind.

•  Protects all home and office electrical equipment from damaging spikes; surges and line noise
•  Protected by the latest X3 patented ceramic encased metal oxide varistor (MOV)
•  Coaxial protection 1in/1out with bonus coaxial cable and 'F' connector adaptors
•  Includes power status indicator light, 1.8mtr cord, cable ID tags and cable management system
Up to $75,000 connected equipment warranty and 10 year product warranty.

It is a great piece of mind knowing that the important and expensive things in your home are protected and I would recommend these items to anybody on the market for surge protectors.

To help keep your house safe from electrical surges. I have been lucky enough to offer a great giveaway that includes all you have seen here and is valued at $120!!! 
All you need to tell me is what you would hate to loose in a power surge and why? 

  • Please leave your email in your entry in the comments section below. 
  • One entry per household. 
  • Open to Australian Residents only. 
  • Competition Closes 24th Feb 2014 and winners will be contacted and announced not too long after.