My month ahead..

February marks a lot of things for me and will in a way change my life.

The first major milestone in Feb is my little girl Hayley heads off to school for the very first time. I think it has now set in that not much can be done to prevent the inevitable and one day I will have to let go of my little girl. So on Monday my girl starts a new adventure of her life and I know she will do me proud.

The second milestone also falls on my little girls first day of school, which will help me never to forget the date. This milestone marks the day that Matthew and I have been together for 4 amazing years.

We have had our ups and our downs but no matter what the good outweigh the bad. So many great memories have been made together and I cannot wait to spend my life with him and experience all life with Matthew has to offer.

Then there is my baby sister’s 18th birthday… It feels like only a few years ago I held her for the first time and wondered to myself how a baby can be born with red hair- that totally was not normal to me… Then there were the years of having to put up with my clothes and makeup being stolen and her always getting me into trouble- but then again it worked both ways I used to blame her for a lot of things to.

It will be good seeing her turn 18 and be legal, which means I can now have someone to attend over 18 gigs with when Matt isn’t up for it. I cannot wait to legally go out with her and celebrate with a few cocktails.

Of course Feb was also a month where another beautiful soul was born into the world… (So he thinks!!)
Matthew’s birthday also falls in Feb. It will be good to spend this day with him and the girls and take him somewhere special. We are not big celebrators of birthdays unless they are big ones.

February also has a whole heap of other birthday’s and events but these are just some of the more important ones.

I look forward to sharing my February with you and watching it unfold.