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Creativity for Kids

Thursday, 31 January 2013

There is no better feeling then when a mum sees a smile on their child's face. So when I received this package it meant a lot more then a few products in a box. It meant I got to see my girls smile and have fun together while creating.

The first product that caught my daughters attention and she just HAD to open it and give it a go was the Creativity for Kids Glitter Nail Art Kit  (A Faber Castell owned company that is designed in the US.)  I don't blame her though, what girl doesn't love to have their nails done. And what makes this kit extra cool is that it is totally child friendly and safe, the nail polishes are also water based.
This nail art kit includes a glitter application station which is pretty much made out of the packing, for me using a piece of paper towel works best as you can just throw it out.
Also includes 6 pots of glitter, love heart confetti and rhinestones, sparkling nail file, 3 bottles of glitter polish, tweezers, and manicure storage bag.
For the whole day my daughter carried around the purple organza storage bag with her everywhere, even for her nap. I know some of you would think that's not a old idea as she might try and paint her nails or worse the walls. But my daughter is very good with that kind of thing and we have never and will never have an accident.
My daughter loved being able to safely paint her nails all by herself. When she got her confidence up, mummy even got a mini mani which was pretty good (if you like your fingers painted.)
This is a great kit when you have a group of girls for a sleep over as it will keep them amused and entertained for hours. 

We were also sent a feather fashions kit, which my daughter wasn’t to interested in to begin with. But after she opened it and realised all the things she could actually make she was super excited. 
Being the beautiful girl my girl is the first thing she began to make was her mummy a nice flower hair clip. Miss Hayley said "mummy I'm going to make you super beautiful when you go out with this flower." 
In this set you get hair-clips, headbands, ponytail holders, 40+ feather, rhinestones and enough accessories to make 12+ designs (with leftovers.)

My daughter so far has made me a flower clip, she has made herself a headband and a feather clip. Today she will be working on making a hair tie for her first day of kinder next week. I think the reason she loves this kit most is that she can make her own accessories and tell everyone she made it all by herself. Although I will admit I do help her with the glue, as it can be quite messy. 

Creativity for kids really brings out the little artist in my daughter, which is really cool.  Now when I am stuck on what to get my daughters friends for their birthdays, I will be turning to these cool kits from now on. They don't just have girls ones either, there are some really cute little kits for boys.
Both my daughter and myself have already jumped onto their site and started to look for our next project and my daughter is SUPER keen to try the make you own little fairy garden kit (this would look amazing in her room.)

Allegra Rhodes

Allegra Rhodes

Cherry Blossom Body Wash 450mL

Indulge your senses and treat yourself daily with this sensual body wash. The unmistakable drop of juicy Cherry blended gracefully with Freesia, creates this irresistibly sweet and utterly feminine fragrance. Amber and Musk twirl on the summery scent of Lily of the Valley, while the warm woody tones pleasure the senses for longer.

I love being able to take a little luxury with me where ever I go. Sometimes a mummy needs products just for her, a product that smells so yummy and girly that daddy will keep his hands off; and it did just that!! I popped it in the shower the night before, so that when I woke up in the morning I could give it a shot in the shower. Well mister Matthew gets up way before any of us do to have a shower and get ready for work. Well he thought he would be a little smarty party and use the nice looking NEW body wash that was in there (mind you he has his own, but had ran out.) Next thing you know I am woken to my partner standing there in his towel asking me if we had any soap as he couldn't go to work smelling like a chick. I was half asleep, but couldn't help but laugh my head off and get up to find him a bar of manlier smelling soap haha. It was quite entertaining and I think he may have finally learnt his lesson!! 
The best way I can describe the smell of Allegra's cherry blossom body wash is a sweet musky floral smell. It's pretty indescribable but one worth giving a shot. The smell lingers on your skin throughout the day, and I caught myself a couple of times sitting there smelling my arm. The body wash is also very gentle and moisturises the skin to perfection, the bet way to finish off your wash though is to apply their body lotion afterwards.

Sweet Apple & Grapefruit Body Lotion 250mL

Indulge your senses and treat yourself daily with this luxurious moisturising body lotion A luscious fuse of candied Apple with refreshingly zesty Grapefruit makes this fragrance crisp, sweet and delightfully reviving. A mélange of Tuberose, Blonde Woods and White Amber are present to ensure The sweetness lingers.

Summer is meant to be nice tans and glowing skin... But for me it just doesn't come that easily, because being in the sun dries me out so bad like a roast with no oil. I mean if I don't use a lotion or moisturiser I turn into a snake, my skin goes really scaley and yuck. I don't usually moisturise everyday as I always forget, but I will use a lotion once every two days, and that's where I need a really strong hydrating lotion. 
So when I used the sweet apple and grapefruit body lotion, I was so surprised at how well it actually works and how amazing my skin was left feeling. The smell wasn't so strong and overpowering but it really did compliment the body wash.

The consistency is also a great one it's not really thick and greasy but it is also not watery and a little bit really does go a long way. I can't think of a worse body lotion then the really thick greasy ones that makes your skin feel terrible and sticky. But Allegra Rhode's body lotion is far from any of that it is just the perfect lotion that I will continue to love and use.

Molton Brown takes me around the world

Molton Brown's Global pack RRP- $55.00
This pack contains ten 50ml bath and shower therapies to delight your skin and also your senses (mainly the nose.)

I can travel the world in the comfort of my bathroom with these little beauties. But the best thing about this pack is you can really get a feel for Molton Brown's range of smells and products. 

I would be over joyed to receive this pack as a present, packed with amazing washes enough for a different smell each day of the week and more. When I come across a smell I don't like or that is to masculine my partner uses it, which means no wastage.

Now I thought about the best way of giving this review and though I might just give a run down on what I thought of all the scents. All ten of these washes moisturise and leave your skin feeling and smelling really pretty. Then there is their classy little plastic bottles, finished off with a silver lid that you can see your reflection in.  Embossed around the lid is their brand name 'Molton Brown.' It is true, if you spend that little it more on products you get amazing quality. Every dollar spent is worth it with Molton Brown.
Any way here goes.

Energising Seamoss Bath and Shower-  It is aqua in colour, light fresh smell which reminds me very much of a beach getaway and the lovely smelling products you receive when staying there; a very summery smell indeed.

Warming Eucalyptus Bath and Shower- Light green in colour and a fabourite with my daughter. Hayley used this wash, and when she came out of her bath I gave her the nickname 'koala burp' as this is what I imagined their burp would smell like. It is a very warm winter Eucalyptus smell, reminding me of a wet winters day in the bush. 

Bracing Silverbirch Bodywash- Dark Green, I don't know  why but this one has a very masculine smell about it. I am not sure it is a smell that I like though, it smells very much like a pine scent. My partner didn't like the smell of this either so I need to find someone who will use it as I hate wasting products.

Relaxing Yuan Zhi Bath and Shower- Dark Lavender colour. I love this smell but I just have no real way of describing the smell my nose is smelling right now. A very mysterious smell that sort of reminds me of the male version of the aftershave Joop!

Vitalising Vitamin AB+C Bath and Shower- Clear. This one smells like ripened sweet orange zest, a really refreshing Summer scent. Orange oil is rich in Vitamins and has natural deodorising anti-oxidant properties. 

Inspiring Wild Indigo Bath and Shower- Light blue colour. This is my favourite so far, with its sweet perfume smell. This contains wild indigo flower extract, which before today I have never even heard of. But now I have heard of it and smelt it I will be on the hunt for a perfume oil with this base. 

Invigorating Suma Ginseng bath and shower- light orange colour. I asked my daughter Hayley on her opinion as she loves helping mummy review her products. And when she had a little sniff she said "ohh this smells like Uncle Blake's perfume!" She loves the smell of her Uncle Blake to, so in my opinion this is a huge compliment to this fragrance. Although personally I will save this one for the man of the house!

Blissful Templetree Moisutre Bath and Shower- Bright blue in colour. OH EM GEE!!! I now have a new favourite. This particular wash has a magnificent smell to it. I don't think anybody could hate this smell, it is a one of a kind and one I am sure everybody will love. It contains Templetree frangipani flower which not only smells fabulous it helps to calm you skin. The ocean algae also helps prevent moisture loss so you can wash and not dry out. 

Recharge Blackpepper Bodywash- Burnt orange colour wash. This is my least favourite of all these washes. The smell really does make me cringe. It reminds me of an old man kind of smell, very old fashioned. This would be suited for older men to use and I am sure they would love the smell. It has a very spiced peppery smell, but whatever floats your boat really.

Heavenly Gingerlily moisture body and shower- Pinky orange colour. I used this one in my bath and sank into the water until my nose was almost underwater. This is a really dreamy soft scented wash that takes me to a dreamy relaxed space. Oil of Tamanu and Macadamia nut oil worked together to really enrich your skin with their moisturising powers. 

Back to School with DYMO

Waving goodbye to my Hayley bum on her first day of kindergarten was so hard. They warn you that your child may not want to leave you and may cry etc.
But that wasn’t the case today. Instead it was me with the tears flowing, knowing that my little girl was no longer my baby anymore.

She was roaring to go and just play and learn with her new friends. When she returned home she had a bag full of things she did and made for me, which always brings a flutter to my tummy.

The period before this though is a stressful time, getting all their stationary and things they need for schooling.

Dymo has made getting back to school/ Kinder in my house so much quicker and easier. I don’t mind going shopping for all their schooling needs, it is just getting home and labeling all their stuff.
Usually what I will do it buy the little plain white labels from Officeworks , and then write the name on the tag in permanent marker and then stick them where I need to. This is such a drag and takes up so much more time then the DYMO Labeller. But now I could also easily print out tags for all my daughters uniform and just iron them on, which I thought was really cool! 

I was sent the amazing LetraTag for review, and put it to the test. I will never ever look back from here on in.
It is so simple to use and makes no mess at all, it comes with instructions but I didn’t even have to read through them.
I also like there new easy peel tag, so there is no need to fiddle around the back of tag trying to get the corner up to take the backing off. There is a cut in the middle, so all you have to do if fold it a little along the cut and peel.

My daughter loved being able to label her own stationary and books, she even spelt out her name all by herself and only needed me to show her where the print button was.

I won't only be limiting this labeller to school things, I will be using it around the house as well. All my pantry containers confuse me, from the sugar to the salt and from plain flour to self raising flour. So now thanks to DYMO not only have they made schooling easier for me, but also keeping my house nice and organized. To save time I would certainly recommend parents to try and get their hands on one of these beauties.

LetraTag LT-100H

Perfect for home, the DYMO LetraTag $59 RRP allows you to create labels exactly the way you want. It prints on a variety of
coloured labels plus adds popular features like multiple
font styles, underlining, bolding, text sizing, symbols and more.

Features & Benefits
• Ergonomic design for easy handling
• Large 13-character display with print preview for editing label before printing
• Navigation buttons for easy access to advanced features
• 9 label memory
• 2 line printing
• 5 font sizes
• 8 box styles
• Auto-off Power saver
• Date/Time Function
• Multi-lingual RACE Technology
• Uses 4 AA batteries (not included) or optional AC adapter

Back to School Tips from DYMO
   In order to avoid a meal mix-­up, label your child’s lunch box or bag, using the DYMO LetraTag.
   Send kids to school with an extra set of name labels that their teachers can use where necessary.
   Keep track of sports equipment using DYMO’s sturdy plastic labels.
   Use DYMO’s helpful iron-­on tape to make sure your child’s school gear doesn’t get mixed-­up or lost. There’s no need to sew anything!
   Use DYMO LetraTag metallic tape to print out your child’s name and the name of their class. The shiny labels come in silver, metallic pink or metallic blue and are perfect for school books.

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