Milky Foot

Milky foot 

RRP $29.95

Laying here in bed while my body feels like it has just been struck by a bus... This isn't how I should be feeling this time of year; it's summer after all. 
But I was thinking of things to do to make things a little easier and more relaxing, when I remembered the Milky Foot I was sent for review. Ahh finally a great excuse to soak in the warm bath while pampering myself. And why not, the kids are finally sound asleep so I have some time on my hands.

So I had a beautiful hot bath and was ready for a movie in bed, but before I jumped into bed I popped my milky foot socks on. Is just that simple, all you have to do is wear the socks for an hour and in 2 sometimes 3 weeks you will have brand new feet. 

I get terrible cracked heels and nothing has worked for me, I have used the cheapest stuff to the most expensive only to find nothing gave me the results I was looking for. I am so happy Milky Foot has been put under my nose, as this is deadset the best product on the market. Even after the first use you can notice the difference, then after about the 3rd time there is a huge improvement and I could basically (WARNING TMI) peel the skin off my heels exposing a new layer. I still have a way to go, but my cracked heels are on the mend. I will no longer be ashamed to wear open back heels or thongs. And another massive bonus I don't get sore arms from scrubbing away with a pumice stone for half an hour! The only thing is you can't move for that hour while it’s working away at your feet, so it's best used in bed with a towel, or when you’re sitting relaxing. I suppose if you really wanted to you could slip another pair of socks over top, so these don't move around and then slip into some slippers. But I love a good excuse to not have to move around, and call out to Matt when I need a hand or something :) 

I don't even need to try and sell this product you will see the amazing results for yourself and WILL NOT be disappointed. But if your not a feet kinda person, the peeling of your dead skin on the feet is enough to get your stomach turning; it is pretty gross.