Vani-T Lip Colour

Vani- T Mineral Lip Colour in La Femme
RRP: $32.95

My love for Vani -T runs deep and I think the main reason why is, because it not only is a great product but its a great Australian brand (from South Australia to be exact.) 

All of Vani-t's products are free from 
-Mineral oils and fillers
-Parabens and sulphates
-Harmful Preservatives
-Artificial Colours
And if that isn't good enough, none of Vani-T's products are tested on animals, so none of our little creatures are harmed in the making; the way every brand should do it!! But I won't go into that it makes me very mad, especially when I find out that brands I have loved and used before are testing on animals, it is just plain sick.

My daughter also put this lipstick to the test, finding it in amongst my make up she though it would look fabulous all over her face and toy puppy. Well even after all this, the lipstick didn't even look like it had been touched, except where her tooth had touched it which was easily rubbed out. Puppy has permanent lipstick as it is just that good at staying.
Now you can forget and leave those nasty lipsticks that flake and fade at home. And bring a new beauty to the collection; I am almost certain you will not look back. It goes on creamy and stays creamy and the same shade I put it on as. I have never had the embarrassing all over my teeth look with this baby either.

Not only do I love the quality and durability of this lipstick, but their packaging is absolutely glam and beautiful. Compacted in a beautiful diamond encrusted packaging, whenever I whip this beauty out for touch ups, I'm always complimented and asked if they can have a closer look. Everybody love this and I have even had a go try and nick it from me.

Vani-T Mineral Lip Colour comes in 12 flirty shades:
Angel, Cupcake, Enchantress, French Kiss, Frisky Buisness, Gossip, La Femme, Peek a boo, Scandal, Screen Siren, Undress and Vamp.