Casper & Lewis- Greenland Lip Balm

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Greenland Natural Lip Balms
$15.00 each
Established in 1990, Greenland is wholly dedicated to developing bath and body care products based on natural and organic ingredients.
With fruit extracts, essential oils, milks and natural butters, Greenland Lip Balm products protect and care for your lips, whilst seriously treating your senses. They're natural to the core and extensively tested, though never on animals.

These lip balms are great to add a little class from the usual chap stick style or even the pot style! They are little lipstick with out the colour! I love the smell of these balms as well! I was sent the Mango and the Pomegranate lip balms to try, and when you just open the tube you can smell it instantly, its amazingly yummy!! These lips balms by Greenland also hydrate your lips very good, I only have to apply them once every 3-4 hours as they last the way through!

I will also talk a little about the Casper and Lewis store.
This is a great online store to find all your women needs. From creams to make up and so much more, there is sure to be something on their site for you. Some of the brands they stock I have never even heard of, so I am glad to have found their store!
It is such an easy shopping experience as well, with everything being super simple. At a click of your button, new products can be delivered to your door. Casper and Lewis also make sure the products get to you in perfect condition, the way they packed them!!