Usana Sense

Usana Sense


   Helps fortify skin from visible effects of sun damage
   Helps Prevent Sunburn
   If used as directed with other sun protection measures, decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun
   Lightweight formula
   Leaves skin soft and smooth

The Sensé Difference
   Unique self-preserving formula with no added chemical preservatives nurtures your skin (US Patent 7,214,391)
   Regenisomes enzyme technology helps speed the skin’s recovery from environmental damage, helping to repair the look of aging
   Squalane, derived from olives, provides light emollience
   Dermatologist/allergy/clinically tested

$39.90 usd

This is a great moisturiser that helps protect your skin from the harmful sunrays. I never really thought about putting sunscreen on my face, as it never got burnt. But with saying this I did notice it tanning a lot darker then the rest of my body and getting more sun spots.

I apply this moisturiser all over my face, neck and ears before I apply my makeup; so for me it doubles as a primer.

I do find in a hot sweaty day though it makes my face look oiler then usual, but this just might be my skin type. I took it camping because my skin gets really dry from the sun and water. But I was only able to use it a handful of times as it was just a little to oily for my face :( I will be using this as my winter moisturiser as I don't sweat in Winter.