Back to School with DYMO

Waving goodbye to my Hayley bum on her first day of kindergarten was so hard. They warn you that your child may not want to leave you and may cry etc.
But that wasn’t the case today. Instead it was me with the tears flowing, knowing that my little girl was no longer my baby anymore.

She was roaring to go and just play and learn with her new friends. When she returned home she had a bag full of things she did and made for me, which always brings a flutter to my tummy.

The period before this though is a stressful time, getting all their stationary and things they need for schooling.

Dymo has made getting back to school/ Kinder in my house so much quicker and easier. I don’t mind going shopping for all their schooling needs, it is just getting home and labeling all their stuff.
Usually what I will do it buy the little plain white labels from Officeworks , and then write the name on the tag in permanent marker and then stick them where I need to. This is such a drag and takes up so much more time then the DYMO Labeller. But now I could also easily print out tags for all my daughters uniform and just iron them on, which I thought was really cool! 

I was sent the amazing LetraTag for review, and put it to the test. I will never ever look back from here on in.
It is so simple to use and makes no mess at all, it comes with instructions but I didn’t even have to read through them.
I also like there new easy peel tag, so there is no need to fiddle around the back of tag trying to get the corner up to take the backing off. There is a cut in the middle, so all you have to do if fold it a little along the cut and peel.

My daughter loved being able to label her own stationary and books, she even spelt out her name all by herself and only needed me to show her where the print button was.

I won't only be limiting this labeller to school things, I will be using it around the house as well. All my pantry containers confuse me, from the sugar to the salt and from plain flour to self raising flour. So now thanks to DYMO not only have they made schooling easier for me, but also keeping my house nice and organized. To save time I would certainly recommend parents to try and get their hands on one of these beauties.

LetraTag LT-100H

Perfect for home, the DYMO LetraTag $59 RRP allows you to create labels exactly the way you want. It prints on a variety of
coloured labels plus adds popular features like multiple
font styles, underlining, bolding, text sizing, symbols and more.

Features & Benefits
• Ergonomic design for easy handling
• Large 13-character display with print preview for editing label before printing
• Navigation buttons for easy access to advanced features
• 9 label memory
• 2 line printing
• 5 font sizes
• 8 box styles
• Auto-off Power saver
• Date/Time Function
• Multi-lingual RACE Technology
• Uses 4 AA batteries (not included) or optional AC adapter

Back to School Tips from DYMO
   In order to avoid a meal mix-­up, label your child’s lunch box or bag, using the DYMO LetraTag.
   Send kids to school with an extra set of name labels that their teachers can use where necessary.
   Keep track of sports equipment using DYMO’s sturdy plastic labels.
   Use DYMO’s helpful iron-­on tape to make sure your child’s school gear doesn’t get mixed-­up or lost. There’s no need to sew anything!
   Use DYMO LetraTag metallic tape to print out your child’s name and the name of their class. The shiny labels come in silver, metallic pink or metallic blue and are perfect for school books.