Nivea- Pure And Natural

There's nothing better then when you can get a product close to what nature provides. I love it when beauty brands take on the challenge and try and steer away from all them nasty chemicals going into some products. 
If you think about it, when you read the back of a package can you truly understand what you are putting on or in your body?? I sure as hell don't That's why if I can, I try and use natural products (ok I'm no greenie and I still love my luxury non natural and organic products.)

But Nivea has made the long awaited range Pure and Natural.
The range consists of-
Three face Creams
Cleansing lotion
A cleansing toner and 

The Pure and Natural range is free from parabens, silicones, artificial colorants and mineral oil. Not only that but all active ingredients are ORGANICALLY GROWN and certified. When you know they are certified that is when you can rest easy, and know its the real deal.

I was given a shot at the Pure and Natural Cleansing lotion. This product doesn't have that smell that Nivea is known for. It's always so hard to describe the way a product smells, and it would so much easier if there was a smelling app :-) I can't really describe its smell, it has a lotion smell with a kind of aloe hint to it. It's very pleasant and one I love quite a lot. 
Now down to the knitty gritty, the actual texture of the cleansing lotion is very milky and far from thick. It doesn't foam or anything like that, it remains milky looking. Then once you wash it off your face is literally left feeling silky soft, I would defiantly say this range beats their normal range by far. 

Then I was also given some facial wipe to put to the test. 
The wipes smell identical to the lotion, and they leave your skin feeling silky smooth as well. Like always with Nivea wipes their fabric they use for their wipes is thick and soft, so it doesn't feel like you are rubbing sandpaper across your face and you only need one to clean the entire face. It easily wipes of makeup and a even just to give your face a good clean at the end of the day, you can see the dirt on the wipe after cleaning!!

I am so glad to have tried this range, and will continue to use them. The thing I love is they are very affordable and can be bought when doing your groceries at the supermarket!! 

Thanks Nivea :-) These products can be found at: