SodaStream works a Dream!!

With all the buzz with these Sodastream's I was just dying to give one a go for myself. When the package arrived on the front door, I think my partner was more excited then myself. Our house was super excited and eager to give it a go, Hayley was actually nagging. 

So we opened the boxed and started to follow the instructions. In this pack you receive a sample pack of 12 flavours, a CO2 cylinder, a one litre bottle and also the machine. 
We had a tiny problem that almost dampened our excitement; you need to put the water to the fill line in the reusable bottle provided and then chill. Well we couldn't bloody wait to chill the water, so we got bottled water from the fridge and filled to the line. This is where we realised we will need more then just the one bottle in our house of four!! Before using the machine you have to insert the gas cylinder which is really simple, and the instructions provided made it a breeze for me.

Once you have filled your bottle you push the tilt lever, allowing you to easily screw on the bottle. Soda Stream Fizz is “different” from the other Soda Stream models as it has a “Fizz Chip” inside of it which i think is a super cool idea, allowing you to see how much gas you still have left displaying it on a little LCD screen.  You then push and hold the silver lever down and watch your bottle fill up with bubbles, when its ready to release you will hear a buzzing noise. This part of making your SodaStream is quite noisy. You repeat this three times to get a normal fizzy drink; you can do it less for a light sparkling type drink or more for a super fizzy drink. When you put the syrup in you will loose fizz, so as it may look super fizzy now that will die down.

You then unscrew the bottle from the machine and it gives off a cool pppsshh kind of noise. That's when you decide what syrup you want to add into your bottle. You just slowly pour it in and then close the lids and slowly mix it p by turning the bottle upside down gently. The only thing I will warn we bought some of the just for kids range which is mores juice type soft drink, and when you pour it in it overflows everywhere. You have to go super slow and even then you will make a mess.

We have taken a little bit of a diet overhaul and trying to kick as much sugar out of diets as possible. Here is just a little example- Coca Cola, which is a much loved drink in almost every house (I know it is in ours.) 
Calories 100          Carbs 27g   Sugar            27g    Sodium 35g

Then there is the SodaStream Cola
Calories 34            Carbs 9g      Sugar 9g      Sodium 2g 

As you can see with that little comparison there is not only a little difference it's huge. Your more then halving the calories and carbs, so it's just silly to continue to drink Coca Cola. This is why my partner I longer buys Coke, instead he makes it himself at home in less then a minute.

I personally think this way of making soft drink can get pretty costly and I know a lot of families would agree. Yeah ok it would be cheaper for me to head to Aldi and buy the 99c soft drink. But I would much prefer knowing what is going into my families body, and knowing it is a heck load more healthier for them makes it all the worth while. I’d rather pay that little bit more and have a whole lot more (not to mention it so much more fun!!)