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Seven Wonders

Monday, 7 January 2013

Seven Wonders

One thing I hate when washing my hair... When it's dried having to brush it, by then it's become knotty and just not fun. Sometimes when brushing my hair big clumps come out with tiny knots, it's very painful and very annoying. This is where Seven Wonders stepped into help and rescue my poor hair. They have created a great diet angling moisture spray which not only makes brushing your hair a breeze but it leaves your hair smelling yummy and that clean hairdressers smell. When using this, my brush glides through my hair with complete ease. This product would also be awesome for those mummies with curly hair.
I also get very frizzy hair when using certain products or even when the weather is yuck or even the humidity can set it off.  So when given the opportunity to try Seven wonders anti frizz crème, I jumped on it. This cream smells great, as does all seven wonders products a very clean nice smell. But most importantly it works it stops frizzy hair. But one thing I did notice it can weigh your hair down a little and if you use just a little bit to much it can also make your hair oily.

Now everyone is going gaga over this Argan oil phase (me included) and seven wonders have bought out a range of their very own. It is very affordable and works great. I love the smell of their Moroccan Argan oil skin serum. It leaves your skin feeling and smelling like a million bucks. It also makes it very shiny. This is a great product to use after shaving your legs, as shaving your legs can dry out your legs quite bad. I was also given the chance to the Moroccan Argan oil treatment for my hair. I will warn you it will make your hair oily if you already have oily hair so I think this product is best to use if your really need it and once a month. But it smells great and really does make a visible repair to your hair. I didn't find my hair to be oily but it did loose volume. Great products and all round a great brand.

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