When I was contacted in regards to trying and reviewing the Bellabox, I was super excited. My friends have signed themselves up for a couple of different beauty sample boxes, and have only said good things. I have been meaning to sign myself up to one of them, but just haven't got around to it. But I also think the little voice inside my head got the better of me, as I thought you literally get sent little sample satchels (but boy was a wrong.) The only disappointing for me was when I read through the theme card and what was actually in my box, it said there was a moustache necklace... Which I never found in the box :-( 

Now when I received my Bellabox in the mail, I instantly noticed the box itself is really heavy duty and protects the contents inside.. I'm not sure anybody would receive a damaged Bellabox, it is that good (unless the postie is super rough.)

The Bellabox is the Aussie version of beauty boxes in America such as the glam box or the glossy box. Each Bellabox has a theme, mine this month was the Soirée Season Staples.

If you like any of the products you try, then you can jump onto
Or if you would like to get your hands on your very own Bellabox then you can at

You can choose from 1 Month membership for $15 or the 1 year membership for $165.00 you also get one month free when picking the yearly. If you don't want to get the box anymore after a few times and you already have signed up for the 1 year then this membership is fully transferable.

Anyhoo, this is what my November Soiree Season Staples BellaBox contained

Bioderma Sebium H2O cleansing water
250ml will set you back RRp $29.95
The bottle I received was a sample sized 20mls, which is really cute and got me about 3 facial cleanses out of it. I love how easily it cleans off your make-up and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean. I would most likely go out and buy this again in the full size if I  a on the market for a facial cleanser.

Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack
10 sheets will cost RRP $21.99
This thing is pretty much a nose patch much like others you can get to remove them blackheads from your nose area. Although I much prefer this one over the others I have used, it is so much more gentle and is also two steps. 
1. The first step is applying the patch to your nose, making sure the area is freshly washed and wet. You leave that one on there off about 10 minutes, although it made my nose itchy and twitchy only because a foreign object was on there.
2. Then you removed the mask nose patch and exfoliate with the little cotton bud looking thing, which is actually a little exfoliator.
3. After you have done this you wash the nose area again, and apply the second mask for another 10minutes. This mask pretty much hydrates and protects the area you have just treated so you don't end up with a dry patchy nose.
4. Then once all that is done you can rub in the essence for that extra clean shiny feeling ( although the sample pack doesn't contain this.)

Dr LeWinn's Facial Polishing Gel
RRP 150g $39.95
I am a big fan of Dr LeWinn's and all of their products, they are so gentle on my sensitive skin.
And this cleansing gel is no exception, you only have to use this once a week as it is a deep  cleanse and you don't want to dry and damage your skin.
I love when it comes around to Tuesday as this is the day I have chosen to use this cleanser and my skin just feels so fantastic.
The size I got in the Bellabox is actually really decent. I have used this 3 times already and it's not even 1/4 down the tube. It's great because there is also little tiny exfoliating particles in the scrub, so it gently takes away all them dead skin cells. Leaving your face fresh and shiny.

Dr LeWinn's Skin perfect primer and Dr LeWinn's skin perfect foundation
RRP$29.95 and $39.95
These two were little sample sizes for a one time use, and they did just that. But again with Dr LeWinn's this is just a tease because I always want to come back for more.
The thing I love both about these two product is when use together they are so. Lightweight on the skin and you wouldn't even know you we're wearing anything. But the foundation covers all them blemishes and even them nasty red pimples. I do love this foundation and will look into getting the full size product as I just loved it so much. If anybody knows me they will know I LOVE MAKEUP!!

4me Nail Polish Remover Pads
RRp:$3.49 for 30 pads.
This was a full size sample aswell.
These remover pads are just so easy and simple to use. I will never look back at the good old remover and cotton balls or tissues. I also find the pads remove the nail polish the first time, there's no need for scrubbing and drying out them cuticles.
The smell also isn't strong and burns your eyes and nose. The main and best thing about these nail polish removing pads is that they are acetone and alcohol free. I will definitely be jumping onto Bellabox and buying more of these.

Swisse Hand Cream with Vitamin D and Pomegranate
RRP $14.95
Tired stressed? You'll feel better with Swisse on your hands ;-) hehe.
I love hand creams and hate whenever my hands are dry and yuck. The smell of this cream is also very light and pleasant, I applied it in my car and did some shopping to return to my car smelling like my Swisse hand cream.
I think this would be worth the whole $14.95, but I really love this cute little sample size; perfect for my bag.

Palmolive Body Butter- Luscious Mango moisturising body wash
RRP $6.49
I actually just bought a bottle of this while shopping last week. They were on special at the super market and though why not give it a shot, plus as soon as I opened the bottle to smell it I fell in luurrve.
I will be saving this little beauty for when I travel though, it's the perfect size and just like the big ones only miniature.
The lid also comes off so I will be refilling it with the big one. If you love fruity smelling things and mangoes you will adore this one.

B by Bloom Col.ecta Colour Cheek Tint
RRP $19.95 and this is a full size product.
I know this says it is a cheek tint, but I LOVE using this an eyeshadow it just stays on my eyes for hours and hours.
Summer is all about natural colours and looking your best without the overkill of makeup. But when I use this on my cheeks I actually use it overly rose blush, as I find it more of a highlight then a colour. It makes your face look like it is glowing.

Well beauties that is my Bellabox, after receiving this one, I know it is very much worth the pennies. Just the cheek tint alone was worth more then you would actually pay for the entire box. I am now sold and well become a Bellabox babe, then I know every month I will be getting a surprise and will never run short on things to review and blog about :-) 

If you have had an experience good or bad with the Bellabox please do let me know. Or if you think there is a box out there worth a go feel free to drop me a line :-)