WeightWatchers Takeaway AT home

Weight watchers Takeaway at Home

The book is on sale online, at pharmacies, newsagents, Coles and Big W.

Info: the book features 70 delicious recipes for all the most popular takeaway foods- from Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Thai and even some of your favourite Patisserie treats. This book allows you to recreate all your favourite takeaway meals without having to leave the comfort of your own home. 

Once every two weeks my partner and I will randomly flick through the book and where we stop is what we cook!! And not once have we flicked to a page and thought err.. Nah lets flick through again. It is great for me to as my partner wants to cook a lot of these dishes so it gives me a great break, and he always is so proud of his recreations (better then I would cook them.) I tell him they are great so he continues to cook them, but I don't want him to get a bigger head then he already has haha!!

The big debate in our home come Friday night is what takeaway we buy for dinner, and then an even bigger debate on deciding who goes down to pick it up. Then when usually decide on Pizza as it can be delivered and nobody has to leave home. My partner loved when this little beauty arrived for reviewing, as he is a big sucker for take away and is always trying to recreate his favourite Asian dishes. But now Weight Watchers has made this task easy and quick.

It is a soft cover book, you could almost call it a magazine. Really easy to read and full of tummy gurgling images! If you’re not hungry once you have flicked through this book you will be.