Molton Brown takes me around the world

Molton Brown's Global pack RRP- $55.00
This pack contains ten 50ml bath and shower therapies to delight your skin and also your senses (mainly the nose.)

I can travel the world in the comfort of my bathroom with these little beauties. But the best thing about this pack is you can really get a feel for Molton Brown's range of smells and products. 

I would be over joyed to receive this pack as a present, packed with amazing washes enough for a different smell each day of the week and more. When I come across a smell I don't like or that is to masculine my partner uses it, which means no wastage.

Now I thought about the best way of giving this review and though I might just give a run down on what I thought of all the scents. All ten of these washes moisturise and leave your skin feeling and smelling really pretty. Then there is their classy little plastic bottles, finished off with a silver lid that you can see your reflection in.  Embossed around the lid is their brand name 'Molton Brown.' It is true, if you spend that little it more on products you get amazing quality. Every dollar spent is worth it with Molton Brown.
Any way here goes.

Energising Seamoss Bath and Shower-  It is aqua in colour, light fresh smell which reminds me very much of a beach getaway and the lovely smelling products you receive when staying there; a very summery smell indeed.

Warming Eucalyptus Bath and Shower- Light green in colour and a fabourite with my daughter. Hayley used this wash, and when she came out of her bath I gave her the nickname 'koala burp' as this is what I imagined their burp would smell like. It is a very warm winter Eucalyptus smell, reminding me of a wet winters day in the bush. 

Bracing Silverbirch Bodywash- Dark Green, I don't know  why but this one has a very masculine smell about it. I am not sure it is a smell that I like though, it smells very much like a pine scent. My partner didn't like the smell of this either so I need to find someone who will use it as I hate wasting products.

Relaxing Yuan Zhi Bath and Shower- Dark Lavender colour. I love this smell but I just have no real way of describing the smell my nose is smelling right now. A very mysterious smell that sort of reminds me of the male version of the aftershave Joop!

Vitalising Vitamin AB+C Bath and Shower- Clear. This one smells like ripened sweet orange zest, a really refreshing Summer scent. Orange oil is rich in Vitamins and has natural deodorising anti-oxidant properties. 

Inspiring Wild Indigo Bath and Shower- Light blue colour. This is my favourite so far, with its sweet perfume smell. This contains wild indigo flower extract, which before today I have never even heard of. But now I have heard of it and smelt it I will be on the hunt for a perfume oil with this base. 

Invigorating Suma Ginseng bath and shower- light orange colour. I asked my daughter Hayley on her opinion as she loves helping mummy review her products. And when she had a little sniff she said "ohh this smells like Uncle Blake's perfume!" She loves the smell of her Uncle Blake to, so in my opinion this is a huge compliment to this fragrance. Although personally I will save this one for the man of the house!

Blissful Templetree Moisutre Bath and Shower- Bright blue in colour. OH EM GEE!!! I now have a new favourite. This particular wash has a magnificent smell to it. I don't think anybody could hate this smell, it is a one of a kind and one I am sure everybody will love. It contains Templetree frangipani flower which not only smells fabulous it helps to calm you skin. The ocean algae also helps prevent moisture loss so you can wash and not dry out. 

Recharge Blackpepper Bodywash- Burnt orange colour wash. This is my least favourite of all these washes. The smell really does make me cringe. It reminds me of an old man kind of smell, very old fashioned. This would be suited for older men to use and I am sure they would love the smell. It has a very spiced peppery smell, but whatever floats your boat really.

Heavenly Gingerlily moisture body and shower- Pinky orange colour. I used this one in my bath and sank into the water until my nose was almost underwater. This is a really dreamy soft scented wash that takes me to a dreamy relaxed space. Oil of Tamanu and Macadamia nut oil worked together to really enrich your skin with their moisturising powers.