2XU - Not just for the athletes and sportsmen

Working out for me isn't a very sexy thing... My body definitely isn't like it used to be, and when working out the sweat drips and its just not nice. 
But now I have my 2XU gear I fee that little bit more sexy and supported. 

Usually when I run I can feel my boobs bouncing out of control, to the point when I almost want to run with my hands on my chest. I have found with a couple of sports bras I have tried either suffocate me or dig in under my arms, but this one didn't do that. 
It would make for a great bra as well for them mummies getting back into early exercise after having a baby and breastfeeding. It's made from a nice soft material so it won't irritate the nipples (even though if breastfeeding I would say you would have breast pads on.)  But usually when you are a feeding baby your breasts are as big as they have ever been and you need that extra support and don't want them bouncing all over the place as they as already tender and sensitive. This is where 2xu have made the perfect support bra for any woman out there big or small. 
I feel the most secure when wearing my 2xu medium impact support bra while doing exercise (even just taking the girls for a walk.) In actual fact I would and will be wearing this bra just as a bra it feels that good.

Medium Impact Support Bra $90.00

Engineered to reduce bounce and keep the wearer supported during performance, this Medium Impact Sports Bra is one for ladies requiring a little extra security, coverage and comfort during workouts.

Individually moulded cups deliver support and comfort to the wearer where she needs it most
Racer back engineering for added support
Soft ribbed elastic for superior comfort and support under the bust
Anti-bounce internal panels to control movement
High scoop neck for coverage.

The moment I put these on I asked myself "where the hell have you been all my life." I am talking about 2XU's Elite Compression Tights. Usually when I go for my run or do any exercise I just wear my cheapy cotton on tights (which always have to be worn with black underwear as they turn see through in the bum area.) I notice after my runs I can feel my quads killing me, but not because of the exercise but more from the lack of support to them. When I gain weight it goes straight to my butt and thighs. 
I have gone online and looked at a few different brands of compression tights, and these by far win in the looks department. My love for 2XU grew hugely when my AFL team North Melbourne started to wear all the compression gear. I thought wow they look amazing, I wonder if they make them for women and to my surprise they have a huge range of women's wear. I am in love with compression tights and they almost encourage me to do exercise just so I can wear them.  Also I never knew the damage you could actually do to your legs if you don't wear the right support. I read all the damages you can do to your hammies  (which I thought only happened to footy players.) And even your calf muscles (anything from strains to full tears.)  it's pretty scary really.

Another thing I really noticed when comparing a run with my cotton tights and a run with my elite compression tights is the sweat absorption. This may be to much information for some but when running I get really sweaty in between my legs (the chaffing area) and also my lower bum. I know I still sweat in 2XU tights but I don't feel it half as much as in the cotton tights, and there is also no ugly sweat patches. Speaking of the chaffing area, this is something that was a big problem for me when exercising. But 2XU has made their tights from a material that is super tough yet super comfortable and now chaffing is a thing of the past for me. I am in LOVE!!

Elite compression tights $185.00

• For athletes demanding more power + support
• Combination PWX FLEX front panel + extra powerful PWX WEIGHT in rear panel for added calf and hanstring support
• Also deliver support to quads, abductors + gluts
• Reduced muscle fatigue + damage
• Graduated fit promotes increased circulation for faster recovery
• Flatlock seam construction
• UPF50+ Sun Protection
• Antibacterial
• Moisture wicking

Now I Found myself asking what the heck would be so special about this singlet compared to my everyday normal singlets I usually run in... The answer A HECK OF ALOT!! I was surprised at the difference it actually made. 

I will give you a little comparison, after returning from a run in my cotton singlet I have a massive sweat trail from in between my boobs down to my belly. It's gross and my partner calls this a sweat trail (his version of a snail trail I suppose.) I also find if I don't wash my top straight away it get s a really funny pong about it that can be quite hard to wash out. When I walk in the front door the first thing to come off is my top I just walk around in my bra, as the sweat just drips. 

When returning from a run in my Ice X singlet I have hardly any sweat remaining on the singlet as it just dries easily as soon as the air hits it. It also doesn't stick to my body making me feel a heap hotter when all I want to do is feel cooler. It lets the air flow straight through the singlet when I run allowing me to cool down a lot quicker. I did read on the tag that 2XU teamed with Ice X polyester fabric which is a type of fabric that works to guard against infrared rays (the sun) and lower skin temperature, which is pretty cool. The top is also anti odour so it doesn't pong if I don't wash it right away. I am actually able to take it in the shower for a rinse and then use it the next day smelling like new. But I do wash the top every second run, allowing it to smell like my yummy washing liquid. 
So now I know why when I see other people run they have these proper singlets on, as it makes a difference for the best.

I love going out in my new 2XU gear, it gives me so much more confidence when running and I run with a smile on my face. I will be certainly continue to use 2XU gear as I can finally look good when exercising, rather then looking like a drowned cat in clothes. I am actually amazed at how much more confidence you can get just by what you wear when exercising. I have a long way to get to my ideal weight, but I know that 2XU will help me get there!!

Ice X Singlet $90.00
The ultimate lightweight, breathable, anti-odour sports garment for warm weather demands, 2XU has teamed ICE X POLYESTER fabric technology with its popular Performance Run Singlet design in this impressive piece.

My partner and myself love getting out and about and exercising when we have the spare time, now I can do it in style. I might have to save my pennies and get daddy some 2XU gear for his birthday so that he can feel the difference it makes when it comes to exercise. Not to mention his butt would look super cute in their compression tights.

You can find all this 2XU gear and so much more for both mummy and daddy at