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L'Oreal Spring Picks

Thursday, 26 September 2013

L’Oreal always gets me when I am at the shops as I am always drawn to their little counter to see what is new and what I can add to my forever growing L’Oreal collection (I would be happy to die in a pool of L’oreal haha.)

So this time around I was very keen to see what was new and what would be ‘hot” for these warmer seasons, even though Spring in Melbourne has kind of distanced itself again.. I wouldn’t mind seeing its head again though as I am not liking getting sick from the constant weather change, one day it is hot and the next I am rocking the dressing gown and uggies while sipping on my hot tea.

L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara $27.95

L’Oreal’s biggest ever millionizer brush builds excess volume whilst separating the lashes for defined and volumized lashes. The anti-clump wiper removes excess mascara from the brush for the most sophisticated lashes, no clumping!
This is my favourite new product from L’Oreal and it is always a good mascara that gets me. If I do say so myself I have great long eyelashes (thanks Mum) and love to make them bold them and really show them off.

Million Lashes Excess Mascara is the first mascara available from a department store that has said it doesn’t clump and actually DOESN’T which is a massive plus. Nothing fluffs my feathers more then buying a mascara that says no clumping and ends up sticking them all together and making it look like a applied the product with a truck grease plate.

The brush is also really cool which will help you to create a luxurious volume and add that sophisticated look to almost any look.  LOVE

The lovelies at L’Oreal know me too well and know how much I adore my 2-Step Longwear lipstick and went and sent me 3 NEW ones to go with the season change and colours that will really rock this season.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 2-Step Longwear Lipstick $29.95 each

The 1st* longwear 2-step lip colour with hyaluronic gel for 24HR triple action.

- All day smoothness for colour that never dries
- All day hydration for endless comfort
- All day resistance for colour that never fades

The three colours I got send were

113- Invincible Sable
Which is an absolutely amazing nude colour and one I will be wearing when I am having that plain kind of day or even to the beach, so I don’t look like I am of Jersey Shore or The Shire haha.
406- Orange Extreme
You can tell by the name what colour this is, and extreme orange colour DERR! But this is something special and a colour I did notice a heck of a lot at the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and will really come out to play on those warmer days. I have worn this along with my bright floral dress and loved the combo, its such a bright blinged up colour with a beautiful hint of shimmer.
510- Continual Crimson
If you put two and two together with this one you would also know it is a shade of red.  It reminds me of Dorothory’s shoes in the Wizard of Oz, it is just that kind of red. I have a wedding come up soon which is a black tie event and will be sure to smudge some of this on my lips :-P

With the Infallible 2 step all you have to do is apply the colour, I find it sets so much better and doesn’t flake if you let it dry and let it get really sticky on your lips. Then you apply the clear balm, which is a beautiful texture and has a fruity scent to it. I have sneakily used this many times just by itself to really hydrate my lips.

If I had to pick one of these to be my favourite shade I would have to go with Orange Extreme as it is one of the most used colours I have seen at fashion shows for these upcoming seasons. If you need a colour this Spring/Summer then this is the one to get onto.  

Infallible Makeup-Up Liquid $35.95 in Classic Ivory
Classic Ivory on the right and to the left is Natural Buff

   Infallible Make-up Liquid Foundation resists signs of make-up melt  down for a 18HR glowing complexion.
Available in 7 shades for an infallible complexion all day long.

I know there are not to many shades with this collection but if you find two that are close to your colour and not quite them I am sure you will find the right shade for you. For me I mixed Classic Ivory and Natural Buff together, which are two popular ones from L’Oreal and created the perfect shade for my face. There are shades that will cover the whitest of faces right down to the totally tanned babes. I think everyone will be able to find their shade within the 7 varieties.

Always when using a new foundation I am very skeptical and really hesitant as I do NOT want breakouts and I am scared that when I go out and not have my makeup at hand I will end up with either a dry flakey face or an oily mess. So I tend to use a foundation first at home and get the feel for it before wearing it out. The Infallible liquid foundation passed with flying colours and I was more then happy to flaunt the face in public. I think I pulled off a very natural look without anybody noticing I was even wearing foundation.

Right: Classic Ivory Left: Natural Buff

I don’t have many blemishes on my face and don’t often get breakouts but I do find I feel much more confident and have a flawless finish when using a foundation or powder.
This is the perfect natural foundation but can be used a little more for that perfect flawless face that is camera ready when you go out.

Now after using and wearing all this makeup I need something that will take it off without upsetting my skin. This is where I found

L’Oréal Paris Eye Make-up Remover $12.95

Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover, enriched with Pro Vitamin, gently yet thoroughly removes all traces of make-up. Its refreshing and gentle formula is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

First wipe every wipe this remover gets my eye makeup off. But if I am wearing quite a lot of makeup I will find it smudges all over my eye, but get a clean cotton pad and put some more product on and wipe the smudges away and its done, perfect clean skin that actually is left shining.

There is no real smell to this, which can be great for some but I love to smell yummy when going to bed so I just finish things off with my Lush moisturiser.

In the bottle you see super cute little oil balls floating around the top and then when you shake it up you end up with tiny little oil particles wiggling around the bottle.  Super cute and also lots of fun for the child living inside me hehe.

I hope this post has helped you to also find some L’Oreal Loves for your Spring collection :-)

I would LOVE to hear from you guys what are you favourite L’Oreal products and ones I need to try for myself!

Tried and Tested- Gaia for Men

Hmm I do believe Mr. M is making him quite comfortable within my blog in his Daddy’s Little Corner. He asks me quite often if I need his input in anything or if there is something he can review.
So he was a like a little boy in a candy store when I told him that some Gaia products had been sent to me and there was a couple of boys products in there. I think if I was not around he probably would have been skipping around the lounge room in excitement.  So now I will shut up and hand you over to the blog hog.
I am just going to cut straight into as I don’t like to blabber on too much like my beloved does. The first product under my microscope is
Gaia made for men- Shave Gel 150mL

A low foaming gel that will leave your skin soft after shaving.
Free from the harsh drying agents, sulphates and petrochemicals that can lead to rashes and razor burn.
  Certified Organic Evening Primrose Oil
  Certified Organic Wheatgerm Oil
  Certified Organic Avocado Oil
  Certified Organic Chamomile
  Certified Organic Aloe Vera
Witch Hazel Extract
As I am not a pro-blogger like my better half and don’t really have a clue about these ingredients but I DO know that certified organic products are great for your body inside and out and also the environment. I don’t personally feel a difference when using organic products and normal ones and wouldn’t really know if it wasn’t for the sticker or label. Actually the one thing I do notice is also the smell, you don’t smell chemicals and it is very much a natural smell.
I do much prefer a gel then a cream/foam especially those from a can. Since Erin has started her blog she has really turned me away from the cans and got me hooked on gel or oil. Although I only like oil on certain days when shaving as it can get quite close and irritate my skin so I really have to be feeling it! But I could use a gel all day round and every day of the week, it is the best shave.
Gaia’s shave gel really does foam up nicely if you really rub it into your skin, which for me creates the perfect shave.
The second and last product I was sent is
Gaia Made For Men- Face Créme

A light moisturiser and aftershave balm in one to keep skin soft and supple.  Cooling certified organic spearmint leaves your skin feeling fresh without oiliness. 
Easily absorbed and free from mineral oil, this light non-greasy formula is non-clogging and wont leave an oily residue.
Contains sunflower, organic avocado and organic wheat germ oils to hydrate and moisturise the skin, reduce the appearance of sun damage, smooth facial lines and generally help you maintain a youthful appearance.
I am not a cream on the face kind of guy but will use them for review purposes and be completely honest. These kind of thing will be put under a microscope though as they are not the kind of product I would use very often at all.  

So when I first put a blog on my hand I did notice that it was quite watery, which I do like. There is nothing worse then slapping on some product that feels like I have dipped my face in a deep fryer. It took me a bit to get used to when first applied to my face but once it was on there for just over 2 minutes or so, I couldn’t tell I had any product on my face at all as my skin soaked it right up and still remained matte looking… And no I don’t know that because I know my makeup but more because I know my paint being a tradie haha.    

Them Pesky Headlice stuck around all year

Here I was thinking that Head lice only came around in the Summer… Well wasn’t I wrong?!!!! My kids have been struggling really bad with them for a while now and no matter what I do they always tend to come back!  I literally comb there hair every second night with the painful metal lice comb and spray it with a tea tree spray.
I think a main player in my children’s head lice is due to the fact my eldest is in kinder and a lot of the children there wear their hair down and no doubt have head lice. Her kinder is a very multicultural kinder and I think the parents need to be better educated on how to take care of their child’s hair.
I was talking to one of the mums at the kinder and she was from Asain decent or something like that (not being racist or anything just trying to explain it better.) And I mentioned that no matter what I do my daughter comes home with head lice. Her reply was “With what?” I told her, “You know knits, head lice, those little bugs in hair that makes you itchy.” She just said to me, “ Ahhh, I don’t know what you are talking about..” I think that my kinder and probably a lot more out there need to be better educated. I am at wits end and almost tempted to buy them all a bottle of head lice treatment to honestly help out that tiny bit.
Here  is the girls with the treatment killing them bugs!!
So when looking on the market there are soo many products and barely any of them work. One that does work is the really strong KP24 but it absolutey STINKS!! I cannot stand the smell and I actually get embarrassed going out knowing my hair smells like lice treatment.
When I heard about Smart Science’s head lice treatment I knew I had to give it a go.
Headlice Hero $19.99
This is a treatment spray that is gentle on hair and lethal on lice! This 10 minute treatment is scientifically proven to get rid of lice and eggs while leaving hair feeling soft, silky and conditioned. Gone are the days when your head lice treatment dried your hair out so much that
you had to cut it!
I love that this is a spray rather then a lotion you have to pop gloves on to apply, it is so much easier to use.  The spray bottle looks like a little air freshener bottle I use around the house to be honest. The thing I love most about the treatment spray is it doesn’t have a horrible chemical smell but rather a natural tea tree oil scent. The girls have blonde fine hair so whenever I use your chemist chemical treatments I find it makes their hair really dry and frail. But when using Smart Science’s Headlice Hero I found my girl’s hair is left looking even more healthier and silky smooth. I would actually use this as a conditioning treatment on their hair as well if it was not for the tea tree scent. I know tea tree is not as bad as the chemical scent but for me it is still a hair scent that is associated with head lice and creepy crawlies. I also love the fact when spending the mere $20 you get a great quality metal comb, not a crappy plastic one like what you get with others… if you even do that is.
The Headlice Hero Treatment Spray attacks head lice infestations with state- of- the- art scientific advances by a physical means and eradicates the lice by killing them and preventing the eggs from hatching. The physical action is a non poisonous process that coats the lice causing them to dehydrate and die. 
Hygiene Hero Soak Solution $12.99.
This product is designed to clean and disinfect your brushes, combs and hair accessories post head lice treatment. This brilliant product is the outcome of extensive research resulting in special scientific advances. It is a highly effective and a safe cleanser and disinfectant post treatment.
This is one thing I love with the Smart Science.. I used to just soak all my brushes in vinegar and bleach with really hot water for the day and once I did that I would run them under a load of boiling hot water which ended up in me getting at least one burn! 
You would think that this would smell the same as the treatment but it really doesn’t it is much more pleasant and nothing like tea tree at all.. I wonder if I could get away with putting the spray nozzle on this and using it in my hair haha.
All you have to do is add 7 or so capfuls in a sink full of water and pop your brushes, combs and whatnot in there.  
I love this product and when it comes to creepy crawlies I wont be looking to using my bleach and vinegar EVER again!
They are sold in Priceline, Terry White Chemists, DDS and other Independent Pharmacies.
Although there is nothing on their website yet as they are still quite new, watch this space ::

Tried and Tested and Keeping my house smelling divine is Air Wick

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Changes of scents I use in Spring don’t just happen with my perfume, they also happen around my house. If you came and visited me Winter you would find warming scents and scents that you would find around in Winter , whereas if you popped in in Spring/Summer you would find some amazing summery scents like coconut and lime. And who better to help me find the perfect smell for my house then Air Wick?!

There are two product lines I love and they are the Filter & Fresh and also the Reed Diffuser, I will go into more detail below.

Filter & Fresh
Air Wick’s brand new Filter & Fresh is truly an innovation to the air care market.  It’s the first ever air freshener to breathe in odours, lock them onto its Odour Trap filter, and then breathe out a clean, fresh fragrance for an enhanced fragrance experience.  Filter & Fresh actively filters odorous air using a charcoal filter before adding fragrance to the clean air in one simple to use plug in device.
Starter Pack (Gadget, Liquid Refill & Filter)
-          Device available in Sandstone and White
-          Available in French Lavender & Shimmering Waters and Tropical Lagoon & Hibiscus Flower
Filter & Fresh Refill Pack (Liquid Refill & Filter)
-          Available in Citrus Orange, French Lavender & Shimmering Waters and Tropical Lagoon & Hibiscus Flower

 The scent I was sent out to review was the Tropical Lagoon, this is an amazing Spring smell and one that is very similar to a candle I used to be in love with but was discontinued.  You can really smell the Hibiscus Flower in this and is what I would imagine a hotel in Hawaii would smell like.

Another thing that I love with the Filter and Fresh is you can choose from a few colours so that it fits in with the décor of your home. The one I was sent reminds me of a rainforest for some reason or a stripped back tree.

The smell works around the clock and you can choose how strong you want the scent to be with an easy to use dial that is located on the front of the device. If you use it on the slowest, it claims you can get a good 40 days or more use from it.  You also do not have to worry about batteries as this baby just plugs straight in the wall. If the room it is in is silent and you have it on anything other then slow you will hear a little noise but it is nothing that annoyed me.
This is the dial

Having a little girl that is still in nappies, my house is often host to some stinky poop nappies. And those smells really hang around and linger for a while, so this is where the Filter and Fresh comes to work and filters out the bad smells and leaving us with a tropical paradise smelling house..

I cannot wait to refill my device with the many other scents available, I think the next will be Citrus Orange.

Reed Diffuser
The elegantly designed Air Wick Reed Diffuser is crafted from natural rattan stems that fill your home with beautiful fragrance. Our stylish reed diffuser is the perfect way to brighten your home and create a sensual sanctuary for you and your loved ones.
-          Also available in Midnight Blackberry & Vanilla Silk, Freesia & Jasmine and Crackling Fire & Cinnamon Spice

Ok now this baby lives in our toilet and adds a little bit of luxury in there. I love opening the door to get a great waft of scent and not one single bad odour, even if I go in there a few minutes after the stink bomb dropped his bomb.

The scent I was sent for review was the Freesia and Jasmine, which is right up my alley as I love my floral scents in the warmer months. It is quite strong and puts out a great throw allowing your nose to only smell lovely things and NO bad odours.

If I were to go to the shops and pick a scent though the Midnight Blackberry and Vanilla silk would be the first to appeal to me but I still love the Freesia and Jasmine, but it is very much a toilet or bathroom smell and not one I would put around the house.

When I first opened it up my partner actually asked me what smelt like toilet spray, this is when I knew the perfect place for the Reed Diffuser.

The thing I absolutely love about the reed diffuser is that it lasts FOREVER! I would say this one reed diffuser would easily last me three months, maybe even more!

Air Wick is a brand I know, trust and love so much and know you will to.
Do you have an Air Wick product you cant live without? And if so what is it

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