Shhh- The Secret Sculpt Dress is HERE

Sucking in my lumps and bumps in style just in time for Spring Carnival.

So as you guys would have seen on my instagram, not to long ago I was invited to a viewing and try on the brand NEW Sculpt Dress from Target. I have been really slack with blogging at the moment as it was just my mums birthday, my best friend in the whole wide world just welcomed her first daughter into the world and also I have been busy with Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. So for me it has been a hectic time and I do apologise for being so slow, as you would know I am normally on the ball with my blogging.

So what is the Secret Sculpt Dress you may be asking? Well it is a new addition to Target thanks to the amazing Gok Wan J It is a dress that will fit ALMOST any girls size out there as it comes in a size 8 all the way up to a size 20! Priced at a mere $59 you will get not only a dress but undergarment that is built in to help give you your desired shape.
The Secret Sculpt Dress is a style of dress, which has been designed with technology to help support the body and create a smoother contour. It targets key areas; defining the waist, flattening the tummy, slimming the hips, thighs and bottom. With its inbuilt support system, it gives women a slimmer and sleeker appearance instantly.  The insert starts just under the breasts and continues down your curves giving you that ultimate shape while sucking in them lumps and bumps.
How does it work?
·      The supplier has combined a dress knit fabric (shell), which has a knit lining that stretches with the natural movement of the body.
·      Given that the lining has stretch in all directions and is firm to the body, this aids in preventing the lining riding up.
·      The lining fabric used has similar properties to other “support” fabrics but in this instance it is incorporated into the dress, eliminating the need to buy a separate support garment.

At the moment these dresses are available in three mono-chrome colours but you will be seeing more designs and even some prints and colours coming out. Gok is loving black at the moment and I think looking at his range you will see that too. Also personally I think black is more slimming anyway hence the reason I love these dresses.

So the three available at the moment are; a white and black almost paint brush slapped look, a black dress with white spots and also a black dress with horizontal lines down the centre. My favourite was the last one as it hides all my lumps and gives me that real hourglass figure. Also it would pair up beautifully with a white blazer like this one.

We also got a sneak peek of the other three dresses that will be coming out in October… But you will have to wait and see those for yourselves, as it is my little secret.
This is one of the dresses going to be released in October... I could not help but show you this one!
I did go and buy my favourite dress and I will be wearing it to Derby Day this year with a beautiful, stylish fascinator.

I would advise anybody out there that hasn’t stepped into Tar’jet (Target) after Gok has made his collections to go and have a look. It is a side to Target nobody would have seen coming J