The Body Shop Smells Of Spring/Summer

Laying in the open fields taking in all the sounds an scents, when it comes to the Spring/Summer you find everything smells different. The florals are sweeter, the grass has a much more dry scent to it. I relate laying in a field to also walking into stores like The Body Shop in Spring/Summer. The fragrances that fill the air and your nostrils change when the seasons change. 

One thing I have noticed lately is when you walk into stores like The Body Shop, the smells and scents are changing from chemical smells to a lot more natural scents without those nasties in them. 

I know personally when the season changes, so does my fragrances and also body/shower care. 

For me I love the floral scented products and then also the fruity sweet ones when the heat turns up in the land down under. Everyone needs a little change in their life and why not start with the little things like fragrances and body care products. 

So going back to The Body Shop, I have found some great products that are perfect for Spring/Summer and will get your nose running away from you (so you better get the net out and catch it.)

There is a product for bath/shower, body and also a fragrance. These can be used together but I would not recommend it as you may end up with a big scent clash. In a way I am making a post to highlight the smells I believe represent Spring/Summer and the scents that are special this time of year to me. 

The first product is:

Strawberry Soap- -$4.95
Use in the bath or shower to create a foamy lather all over your body. Rinse off thoroughly. 

Tip: Moisturise with Strawberry Body Butter or Strawberry Body Lotion.

This soap lathers up into a thick silky lather or bubbles that thoroughly clean my body and also leaves my skin clean. I dont know that there is a soap like The Body Shops and that the bar actually lasts longer then most I have ever seen. I am even happy to use this on the girls as it is so gentle and does not irritate any of our skin.
A good bonus with this soap as well is the partner stays away as it smells to girly for him J 

My pet hate is getting into the shower only to find that all my soap or body wash has been used I know it isnt there girls so it HAS to be the MR. Then again, who wants a partner then smells like a sweet, ripe strawberry? The smell is divine and you will have to pop into a Body Shop store to see for yourself!

The next product I love from The Body Shop is

Shea Body Butter- $27.95 for a 200ml tub
An intensive, creamy all-over body moisturiser. It absorbs into the skin easily, helping to condition, soften and smooth the skin and prevent dryness.

This has got to be the next best thing since the Hemp Hand Cream I LOVED. There was no better product then that from the body shop, but now I have found this it has taken first place on the body shop list. 

The smell is the best smelling Shea Butter product my hands have ever laid on. I will be packing this with me to take to the beaches of QLD when we head out in October.

 It is the PERFECT Spring/Summer smell and one that I will be buying the whole range of. T

his is beautiful and I just seriously cannot get enough. To begin with I thought that the formula was quite greasy but that is just initially until the product soaks into your skin and leaves it glowing. 

Once it has dried up, your skin just feels soft and is left looking amazingly shiny. I cant help but smell my skin once I have applied the shea butter body butter to it. And a tiny bit goes a long way, so this tub will last the whole season and probably some more.

Vanilla Body Mist- $23.95
Our Vanilla takes on a fresh new form. Spray this light scented body mist all over your body for a gentle burst of warm vanilla. It’s irresistible.

   Warm vanilla fragrance
   Light and fresh
   Use all over body
Contains vanilla extract

I love the body mists from the body shop and they would have to be one of my favourites when gifting my friends and family. They are not super string suffocating your nostrils and lungs but just a subtle smell that really lasts.
The smell is sweet and quite a fresh vanilla smell, which is a loved scent by many including me.

The Vanilla Perfume oil is one of the first products I ever got from the body shop and I would have been about 12 when it was given to me for my birthday. And since that day I have never been able to stray away from the Vanilla Selection from the body shop.

But the reason I love the body mist more then the perfume oil is due to the fact that it is not as thick and greasy and is so much easier and cleaner to use; You simply spray and go, I also love spraying just two sprays in my room for a great long lasting vanilla smell to my room.

I am also at peace knowing this is a range that will never leave The Body Shop but instead grow. I do believe if the Body Shop were to discontinue this there would be riots.

Although I have just jumped onto the body shops site and after using the strawberry soap I am VERY tempted to jump on and buy their strawberry body mist.. YUM and perfect for Summer. OH MA GAWD they also have the shea body mist My nose is going CRazY!!!