My 3 fav nak haircare products

Ok so not too long ago I was sent a lovely package from the amazing people at NAK hair. I didn’t want to make this a HUGE post so I thought I would put my 3 MOST FAVOURITE PRODUCTS from nak. You will also see more of nak and even hear about them on my blog as I love their products so much! My hair is always left feeling silky soft and looking so much healthier.

Nak heat beat protective sealant 250mL-
A leave-in thermal spray created to protect dry finished styles prior to the use of hot styling tools.

Since being sent my very first ghd straightener I have not been able to stop styling my hair. I love straightening it but do worry the effects it has on my hair. So when I was sent the heat beat sealant I was more then keen to get it on my hair and see if it did help to protect it. I have used many different heat protectors and have not been happy with how oily my hair looks like either after straightening or the next day, which does not in any way lengthen my straightening time and almost makes it feel like a waste of a straighten. When I straighten my hair I like to get at least 2 days from it and anymore then that is a huge bonus. So I was very surprised when I used the heat beat, it lasted me a good three days and I pushed for four. Of course everyone is different and people have really oily hair or can totally rock a straighten for over a week, but that just isn’t me.

Another thing I love about the nak heat beat protective spray is the smell!! If anybody knows me they know I love a great smelling product and this certainly is right up there, it is a lovely clean fresh almost hair salon clean hair smell.

Now I can’t help but throw one of the nak aromas range in there as they really smell divine. As I said just now above I am a huge sucker. So the one product that is actually my favourite from the nak is the…

Nak aromas end therapy with argan oil 150ml
A rich leave-in moisturiser designed to nourish from deep within, replenishing lost moisture whilst protecting against blow-drying, hot ironing and daily environmental damage. 
All of the products I receive have the little straighten stamp on them, which help protect your hair when straightening, and also wont fry the hair when you apply heat to it.
But the main reason I have popped this in my favourite three nak products is for the amazing argan oil scent to it. I have taken a massive liking to argan oil recently and use it every day and just cannot get enough. I have even changed hairdressers just for the fact that I wanted argan oil used on my hair.
Ok I have to be fair to this product and will compliment how amazing it makes my hair feel. I don’t like putting it on the top of my head near the roots though and it is not recommended either as I find by the end of the day I will have a oily greased up head.  But on the bottle it does say something about concentrating on the tips of your hair and work it up until about mid way, which is what I do.

For my long, thick hair I only have to use a large pea sized blob on my hand and it does my whole hair and even sometimes then I don’t even need that much.
Ok now I found it quite hard to pick the last one as it was such a close call so I thought I would go with the

nak nourishing shampoo and conditioner 375mL
Replenishes lost moisture and assists in repair, whilst protecting, conditioning and adding shine. 
I picked this as the last one because I think it would probably have to be one of the most popular products as everyone out there uses a shampoo and probably a conditioner as well.
The shampoo is unlike any other shampoo I have used before as it literally leaves my hair squeaky clean; you know that clean feeling when you use a bar of soap and your skin is squeaky clean. This is exactly how it makes my hair feel and then the conditioner at the end really locks in the silky softness as all the dirt has been striped from my hair.
If I use some shampoos and conditioner combo’s I would end up with really fluffy and frizzy hair.
It does remind me of the scent my old hairdresser used on my hair, it is not a bad smell it is just a clean natural kind of smell. I have to use another product after washing my hair to make it smell strong and yummy.  The product I like using is actually the nak aromas aroma oil spray argan oil, which I will go on my blog in the coming weeks (it is basically like the ends treatment just in a spray form.)