Spring Smells I LURVE this week

Ok before I start with this little post I have some news :-) My blog fragrance cherry has finally been popped!! I know I have been scented oils and body sprays before but never a fragrance or perfume (for me anyway.) And to finally receive my first ever fragrance almost gave me butterflies. So this sprouted a little idea in my brain to make a series of posts on scents I will be wearing this Spring/Summer. This is only the first and you should expect to see many more in the coming weeks, some may not be reviews but will still make for a great read.

And the first ever fragrance I was sent was from the beauties at Estee Lauder. This was of course the brand new

Modern Muse

Recommended Retail Price:
Modern Muse Eau De Parfum 30ml               $85
Modern Muse Eau De Parfum 50ml               $115
Modern Muse Eau De Parfum 100ml             $155

Estée Lauder unveils Modern Muse, a new fragrance that is inspired by the intriguing duality of today’s woman and complements every aspect of her dynamic life. This fragrance captures the essence of a Modern Muse with a Lush Floral Woody scent, a true statement in modern luxury that conveys confidence, style and creativity with a modern, youthful attitude.


Composed of subtle contrasts and bold contradictions, Modern Muse reveals layers of strength and softness in an appealing creative tension. Its innovative “dual-impression” structure invites women to connect with the fragrance through two contrasting aspects:

    Sparkling Jasmine Accord: This facet of the fragrance captures the creative energy and magnetic femininity of a modern woman. Exotic Mandarin and tempting Honeysuckle Nectar send a spark of energy through a youthful sensation of Dewy Petals. Two extractions of Jasmine Sambac, including one new to the perfumery palette, Jasmine Sambac China Absolute, bring luminous texture to the feminine bouquet of rich Tuberose Fleur and Fresh Lily

    Sleek Woods Accord:  Her sleek style, strength and sensuality are expressed through this innovative blend of two Patchouli essences wrapped in the creaminess of Madagascar Vanilla, rich Amber Wood and soft Musk – all of which craft an undeniably sensual finish.  

I love the light blush pinks and blue used in the packaging of the Modern Muse, it really does add a feminine touch to it!  I don’t know why but the bottle really does remind me of a super model; tall and sleek and rounded off at the top. A key element of the bottle design - the bow - was inspired by the iconic bow on Estée Lauder’s first fragrance, Youth Dew, which launched in 1953. For Modern Muse, the bow has been re-imagined in dark navy patent as the ultimate symbol of style and sophistication

This fragrance would not be your traditional hotter weather scent, but then again what on Earth is traditional! But more of an all year round scent that I am glad has arrived in my life. It is so soft and yet lasts on the skin for a very long time. I hate when you pop a perfume on and your nose just doesn’t get used to it and your basically suffocated to death by a really potent scent. All the key scents used to create this fragrance work together so nicely and I wouldn’t want this to smell any other way.

Modern Muse for me is a perfume I will be wearing in the hotter months when I am going out somewhere classy or a formal event as this is what I think it is designed for. But if it floats your boat nobody can stop you from wearing it all day long and even night if you wanted.  

Availability: Modern Muse will be available at all Estée Lauder counters nationwide and online at www.esteelauder.com.au
from September 15, 2013.

 Now not long after the Modern Muse arrived on my door-step the courier brought me another HUGE surprise as I did not expect this to be send so quickly. The next perfume I will be wearing day in and day out all year round as well.

This fragrance of course is

Killer Queen by Katy Perry

Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau de Parfum 100 ml $69
 Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau de Parfum 50 ml $49
 Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau de Parfum 30 ml $39
Available 1st September 2013

Created by Laurent Le Guernec of IFF, Killer Queen is an addictive fragrance that bewitches, indulges and demands to be noticed.
“The Red Velvet Flower inspired this creation beginning with the richness of the burgundy red, the velvety feel reminiscent of a royal cape and its deep textured floral scent”, says Laurent Le Guernec.
Top Notes: Wild Berry, Dark Plum & Bergamot

Middle Notes: Red Velvet Flower,Natural Jasmine Sambac & Rainbow Plumeria
 Base Notes: Cashmeran, Natural Patchouli Heart & Liquid Praline

The attention to detail when it comes to creating such an affordable fragrance is just insane and almost unheard of. I love this fragrance and I could totally imagine Katy Perry walking by me while I get a big waft of this scent… Although that may be after I have gotten up off the floor after passing out haha. This bottle is divine and has such a Royal feel to it!
Then there is the actual fragrance, which is absolutely beautiful and unlike anything I have smelt before. This has a lot of warm florals incorporated into it but again is not the really bright light floral scent but more a warmer delicate floral scent.

I love Katy Perry and have quietly been collecting her things such as merchandise when she tours, her other fragrance, her eyelure lashes and then of course this fragrance! This one is in my personal opinion is a lot better then her last released fragrance.

“When I was creating Killer Queen, I was really inspired by the idea of a strong, confident woman in power and that is exactly what I hoped to put into this fragrance, something that brings out the power inside of you.”
Katy Perry