Tried and Tested and Keeping my house smelling divine is Air Wick

Changes of scents I use in Spring don’t just happen with my perfume, they also happen around my house. If you came and visited me Winter you would find warming scents and scents that you would find around in Winter , whereas if you popped in in Spring/Summer you would find some amazing summery scents like coconut and lime. And who better to help me find the perfect smell for my house then Air Wick?!

There are two product lines I love and they are the Filter & Fresh and also the Reed Diffuser, I will go into more detail below.

Filter & Fresh
Air Wick’s brand new Filter & Fresh is truly an innovation to the air care market.  It’s the first ever air freshener to breathe in odours, lock them onto its Odour Trap filter, and then breathe out a clean, fresh fragrance for an enhanced fragrance experience.  Filter & Fresh actively filters odorous air using a charcoal filter before adding fragrance to the clean air in one simple to use plug in device.
Starter Pack (Gadget, Liquid Refill & Filter)
-          Device available in Sandstone and White
-          Available in French Lavender & Shimmering Waters and Tropical Lagoon & Hibiscus Flower
Filter & Fresh Refill Pack (Liquid Refill & Filter)
-          Available in Citrus Orange, French Lavender & Shimmering Waters and Tropical Lagoon & Hibiscus Flower

 The scent I was sent out to review was the Tropical Lagoon, this is an amazing Spring smell and one that is very similar to a candle I used to be in love with but was discontinued.  You can really smell the Hibiscus Flower in this and is what I would imagine a hotel in Hawaii would smell like.

Another thing that I love with the Filter and Fresh is you can choose from a few colours so that it fits in with the décor of your home. The one I was sent reminds me of a rainforest for some reason or a stripped back tree.

The smell works around the clock and you can choose how strong you want the scent to be with an easy to use dial that is located on the front of the device. If you use it on the slowest, it claims you can get a good 40 days or more use from it.  You also do not have to worry about batteries as this baby just plugs straight in the wall. If the room it is in is silent and you have it on anything other then slow you will hear a little noise but it is nothing that annoyed me.
This is the dial

Having a little girl that is still in nappies, my house is often host to some stinky poop nappies. And those smells really hang around and linger for a while, so this is where the Filter and Fresh comes to work and filters out the bad smells and leaving us with a tropical paradise smelling house..

I cannot wait to refill my device with the many other scents available, I think the next will be Citrus Orange.

Reed Diffuser
The elegantly designed Air Wick Reed Diffuser is crafted from natural rattan stems that fill your home with beautiful fragrance. Our stylish reed diffuser is the perfect way to brighten your home and create a sensual sanctuary for you and your loved ones.
-          Also available in Midnight Blackberry & Vanilla Silk, Freesia & Jasmine and Crackling Fire & Cinnamon Spice

Ok now this baby lives in our toilet and adds a little bit of luxury in there. I love opening the door to get a great waft of scent and not one single bad odour, even if I go in there a few minutes after the stink bomb dropped his bomb.

The scent I was sent for review was the Freesia and Jasmine, which is right up my alley as I love my floral scents in the warmer months. It is quite strong and puts out a great throw allowing your nose to only smell lovely things and NO bad odours.

If I were to go to the shops and pick a scent though the Midnight Blackberry and Vanilla silk would be the first to appeal to me but I still love the Freesia and Jasmine, but it is very much a toilet or bathroom smell and not one I would put around the house.

When I first opened it up my partner actually asked me what smelt like toilet spray, this is when I knew the perfect place for the Reed Diffuser.

The thing I absolutely love about the reed diffuser is that it lasts FOREVER! I would say this one reed diffuser would easily last me three months, maybe even more!

Air Wick is a brand I know, trust and love so much and know you will to.
Do you have an Air Wick product you cant live without? And if so what is it