Daddy Tried and Tested: Neutrogena Men Scrubs

After the last post my partner Matt has become, how do I say this?! Umm a little addicted to blogging. He loves being able to get his word out without anybody trying to change his opinion. So once again I will pass you over to him (hoping he doesn’t take my blog over soon haha.)

Well I knew this Father’s Day would be a little sneaky with my partner (Erin) and I would have no idea what was sent to her and what she actually bought (if at all, so I didn’t say anything.) But I was very overwhelmed at how spoilt I was when it came to all the gifts.

I know this gift did not get bought as I watched her open it when I got home and my eyes instantly (secretly) went all wide and I may have got a little excited. After all she gets so many packages these days, it is nice to see that I am cared about and get a little surprise here and there.

The pack that arrived at our door was from Neutrogena and it was a couple of their manly men’s range. I received two of their scrubs and thought to myself why would they send two.. But it was great to compare the two and really see the difference between them. I know they are both scrubs but they both work in totally different ways and have very different looks and textures.

NEUTROGENA® Men’s range makes a great manly gift as it contains everything for a great skin care routine.  With honest, easy to use products that leave the skin looking and feeling clear you will be healthy and clean skin without the expensive price tag!

The range includes:

NEUTROGENA® Men’s Cooling Cleansing Gel
NEUTROGENA® Men’s Skin Clearing Shave Cream
NEUTROGENA® Men’s Triple Protection Face Lotion SPF15
NEUTROGENA® Men’s Face Scrub

I received a couple of these products and they were:

Neutrogena Men’s Cooling Cleansing Gel $8.99
Specifically designed for a man’s face Neutrogena Mens cooling   cleansing gel is a foaming gel cleanser with a cooling lather that works down to your dirtiest pores without over-drying.
Feel refreshed with a face wash that removes excess surface oil and dirt to improve your skin’s overall healthy look. 
I Looking at this product my first impression was it was going to smell minty and like I was rubbing toothpaste all over my face like what I’ve experienced with other cooling washes and scrubs. But surprisingly this smelt like the other products and had a real masculine smell to it. I only use this once every two weeks but it will become more often as the weather warms up. There are two different sized exfoliating beads within this gel and both are very gentle on my skin. I know I wouldn’t take the risk of irritating my skin but I reckon I could almost use this right after a shave without effecting my skin what so ever!!

Neutrogena Men’s Face Scrub $11.99
Razor Defense® Face Scrub makes skin less sensitive to shaving and helps prevent razor irritation. This innovative daily facial scrub gently exfoliates skin without overdrying or irritation. At the same time, it conditions skin and actually softens facial hair, so you get a closer, less-irritating shave.

Making your skin less sensitive to shaving is as easy as washing your face.

Before shaving I always use a wash product to clean out my pores but since using one bad scrub I have kind of steered clear of them. I felt almost obliged to try this out though when it was sent to me for review. I had to face the little fear I had inside me and get it over and done with. The first thing I noticed in this scrub was the beads were a lot smaller and not so coarse on my hands. And then once it was applied to my skin I could barely tell it was an exfoliator. The only way I could tell it was an exfoliator is by the way my skin was left afterwards.
I would also like to thank Neutrogena for helping me overcome my little fear of exfoliators and will also be using this to the end. Although I did find my skin dried out and decided rather then using it ever second night I would only use it once a week. Thanks guys J