Tried and Tested: Avene Thermal Spring Water

I used to be that chick that LOVED Summer and would endlessly be out sunbaking. But now I have become a Mummy and my body has changed I have really grown apart from Summer and its heat. The heat actually makes me feel sick, and now my body is that little bit older it is so much easier for me to get warmer then it is to cool down. You would think with a background like mine I would live for the Summer all my life (Croation/ New Zealand) but I dont anymore. Dont get me  wrong I love heading up to the Murray River in the middle of Summer and just chilling in or by the water, but I know the nights cool down and that is what gets me through.

Hayley my eldest daughter loves Summer and turns into a little tanned munchkin but my youngest Madison does not cope in the heat too well and goes red like a lobster like her Nana/Pa and Grandma. So from very young on I have had to find things that help Madison cope through the heat and now myself.
I didnt want anything harmful or unnatural and I really wanted something that would benefit Madisons skin as she did get irritated skin fairly easy. This is where I came across
Avene Thermal Spring Water
The answer to every Australians needs! Avene Thermal Spring Water is the ultimate beauty boost for anyone on the go who could benefit from an instant refresher. A quick spray and skin is left cooled, hydrated and revived.
Great as an in-flight hydrator with the 50ml travel-friendly mini, handy for a quick work to dinner date beauty boost, useful for a beach reviver and perfect to set freshly-applied make up, Avene Thermal Spring Water has it covered as this seasons essential hand bag must-have.

I love it as it comes in 3 different sized bottles so there is one that lives in my car, a little mini one that lives in my handbag and babybag and then there is a big one I used to take to work or leave at home ready to go. There is no smell and it is super gentle on skin even newborn skin.
The aluminum can helps to keep the water inside cold but when it is smoking hot I tend to keep a bottle of this in the fridge. I almost wish I had a never ended supply or a thermal spring in the backyard even.
This is how fine the mist is.

Rich in silica and low mineral content, Avene Thermal Spring Water respects the natural balance of the skin without causing dehydration or irritation, the cooling water has been soothing and calming skin since 1734, using the healing qualities of the pure active thermal waters from the Avène Springs in the heart of Southern France.
All Avéne products contain high concentrations of the Avène Thermale Spring Water with its soothing and non-irritating properties which helps reduce discomfort, dryness and skin tightness while calming red, irritated and inflamed skin.

AS SEEN ON TV- I did watch a show not too long ago I think it was A Current Affair where it actually had a feature on Avene and the springs helping little children with extremely bad eczema and truly was life changing. There are actually treatments over there where the people who attend drink the water, bath in it and even receive deep skin tissue massage I think with the water (like a shower sort of thing.) In the two and a half centuries since the Avène Thermal Spring was discovered, it has continued to be revered for its efficacy and relief of skin ailments, particularly skin inflammation and irritation.

CELEB USING THIS PRODUCT- Avène is stocked worldwide and is used from birth to assist sensitive skin issues and has celebrity fans from Hollywood stars Diane Kruger, Uma Thurman and Vanessa Hudgens to supermodel, Hana Soukupova.

Avene Thermal Spring Water 50mL $10.95
Avene Thermal Spring Water 150mL $18.95
Avene Thermal Spring Water 300mL $23.95
For some these prices may be quite high, but there is no price you can put on relieving your little ones skin and giving them the best chance at life. I also would not put a price on keeping cool naturally and would much prefer to pay $24 or there about to keep cool then running the ducted aircon and racking up the bills.

WHAT I USE AVENE FOR- I use it on my entire families skin and have been using it on Madison since she was born and it has helped her skin to not be sensitive.
When I find a rash either on my skin or the kids I spray some of the thermal water right on it and it relives it and cools the spot down immediately.

When the kids have a fever I often lay them down undressed and spray a mist on their face and body. I also use it on my face when I am not feeling to well and the hot flushes kick in.
Of course you can use it to cool yourself down and even pop in the fridge to make it super cool and ready to really give you that relief your looking for from the heat.
I have also found that Avenes thermal water is great right on top of sunburn and cools it down right away. I would almost go a step further and say it is better then aloe vera gel or spray.

If you have any other ways you like to use your Avene Thermal Spring water I would love to hear from you J