OH MY GOK, today I got GOK’ED and I would not want it any other way! We were invited to The Point in Albert Park. For once Melbourne turned the weather switch on and pulled off a superb Spring Day for out special meet and greet with Gok.

Target ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS pull off a fantastic event that will always get you wowing and wanting more. One of the main things I loved about this event was actually the catering and food. It would have easily been a 9 out of 10 for me with not one flaw (mmm except maybe the calories I would have consumed today!!)
Firstly we had a little chat with the PR team and some of the designers at Target where we heard the path Target will be taking in the coming months. I cannot believe how far Target has come and how amazing their clothes have been.
Then after the boys from Target finished talking about the menswear we heard a very well known voice come out from behind us. This was of course the very famous voice of the amazing Gok. He of course in true Gok form was just standing there behind the mini catwalk and bloggers.
He hit the stage with confidence pumping, as you would when you look as good as Gok. I am so excited to see what Gok bring to Target as I am very in love with his collection already. Knowing that Gok bring what “’we” as consumers want rather then what the designer wants just because it is off the catwalk. There will be an amazing change to Target and the collab with Gok will only make it even bigger and probably help progress this to happen faster.
After Gok had explained to us the ins and outs and how he will be transforming Target in the next 18-24 months we were aloud to have a little Q&A.
I was chuffed to be able to ask Gok the first question of the evening and my question to him was: “ Do you find that there is much of an attitude change in fashion between us Australian’s and those in the Uk?”
Gok told me yes there is an attitude change and it will only be us Australian’s that can change that as well not the shops or department stores. We also do don’t have the availability to a large range of fashion like they do in the Uk.
Someone asked Gok a question that really hit home with me being a mother. Their question went along the lines of what do you think about the adolescence fashion this day. And Gok really is against it and wants to take the sexuality out of the younger fashion these days. I totally agree with Gok as I have often thought to myself when seeing the GIRLS when they go out these days and it really does scare me! What on Earth are my girls going to wear when they grow up, maybe their underwear?! I hope my kids don’t take that path but maybe even go with an alternative look or something and cover up.
Gok did tell us his 5 things that we should not live without this season (even is he did struggle and told us that it was the hardest question ever.)
*7/8 (which I am pretty sure we call three quarter) with a cigarette type cut. I think these have started to come in now with the new boyfriend jeans that are coming out.
* Straight jeans. The day of the skinny legged jeans is slowly dying out as you will start to see the looser fitting jean now again. As we have seen last season the 60s styles you will now begin to see the 70s styled clothing.
*Collared shirts. Big collars that have a massive wow factor, or something that draws attention to the collar and even throwing in a bit of a detail.
*Flats, as the heel is also dying out.. Which for me I am thankful for as 6 inch heels kill me haha!
And lastly Gok loves disconnected pieces that are unusual and that can easily be dressed down or go the other way and dress up.
A lot of the other questions were a blurr as I sat there and just stared at Gok Wan in complete oar. I could not believe I was sitting there infront of Gok and having him chat to me!!
Gok Wan is so cheeky and so much fun to be around, he had the room in laughs for most of the evening. And golly gosh that man has the best smile I have seen in a long time, no wonder you can never take it off his face!

I even got big cuddles with Gok.. AND he kissed me on the head heheh J Feeling very loved and privileged.