Them Pesky Headlice stuck around all year

Here I was thinking that Head lice only came around in the Summer… Well wasn’t I wrong?!!!! My kids have been struggling really bad with them for a while now and no matter what I do they always tend to come back!  I literally comb there hair every second night with the painful metal lice comb and spray it with a tea tree spray.
I think a main player in my children’s head lice is due to the fact my eldest is in kinder and a lot of the children there wear their hair down and no doubt have head lice. Her kinder is a very multicultural kinder and I think the parents need to be better educated on how to take care of their child’s hair.
I was talking to one of the mums at the kinder and she was from Asain decent or something like that (not being racist or anything just trying to explain it better.) And I mentioned that no matter what I do my daughter comes home with head lice. Her reply was “With what?” I told her, “You know knits, head lice, those little bugs in hair that makes you itchy.” She just said to me, “ Ahhh, I don’t know what you are talking about..” I think that my kinder and probably a lot more out there need to be better educated. I am at wits end and almost tempted to buy them all a bottle of head lice treatment to honestly help out that tiny bit.
Here  is the girls with the treatment killing them bugs!!
So when looking on the market there are soo many products and barely any of them work. One that does work is the really strong KP24 but it absolutey STINKS!! I cannot stand the smell and I actually get embarrassed going out knowing my hair smells like lice treatment.
When I heard about Smart Science’s head lice treatment I knew I had to give it a go.
Headlice Hero $19.99
This is a treatment spray that is gentle on hair and lethal on lice! This 10 minute treatment is scientifically proven to get rid of lice and eggs while leaving hair feeling soft, silky and conditioned. Gone are the days when your head lice treatment dried your hair out so much that
you had to cut it!
I love that this is a spray rather then a lotion you have to pop gloves on to apply, it is so much easier to use.  The spray bottle looks like a little air freshener bottle I use around the house to be honest. The thing I love most about the treatment spray is it doesn’t have a horrible chemical smell but rather a natural tea tree oil scent. The girls have blonde fine hair so whenever I use your chemist chemical treatments I find it makes their hair really dry and frail. But when using Smart Science’s Headlice Hero I found my girl’s hair is left looking even more healthier and silky smooth. I would actually use this as a conditioning treatment on their hair as well if it was not for the tea tree scent. I know tea tree is not as bad as the chemical scent but for me it is still a hair scent that is associated with head lice and creepy crawlies. I also love the fact when spending the mere $20 you get a great quality metal comb, not a crappy plastic one like what you get with others… if you even do that is.
The Headlice Hero Treatment Spray attacks head lice infestations with state- of- the- art scientific advances by a physical means and eradicates the lice by killing them and preventing the eggs from hatching. The physical action is a non poisonous process that coats the lice causing them to dehydrate and die. 
Hygiene Hero Soak Solution $12.99.
This product is designed to clean and disinfect your brushes, combs and hair accessories post head lice treatment. This brilliant product is the outcome of extensive research resulting in special scientific advances. It is a highly effective and a safe cleanser and disinfectant post treatment.
This is one thing I love with the Smart Science.. I used to just soak all my brushes in vinegar and bleach with really hot water for the day and once I did that I would run them under a load of boiling hot water which ended up in me getting at least one burn! 
You would think that this would smell the same as the treatment but it really doesn’t it is much more pleasant and nothing like tea tree at all.. I wonder if I could get away with putting the spray nozzle on this and using it in my hair haha.
All you have to do is add 7 or so capfuls in a sink full of water and pop your brushes, combs and whatnot in there.  
I love this product and when it comes to creepy crawlies I wont be looking to using my bleach and vinegar EVER again!
They are sold in Priceline, Terry White Chemists, DDS and other Independent Pharmacies.
Although there is nothing on their website yet as they are still quite new, watch this space ::