They are fun but gross, and just plain Uggly- They are of course THE UGGLYS

I thought the little scaredy cat Madison would have been scared of The Ugglys.. But to my surprise she had a giggle, but would not put it on her own hand. Since first receiving this and now she has warmed up to it and will come running to me with it showing me his "bom, bom" (bum) which has some green slime excretion coming out from it haha. 

The Ugglys RRP $34.99
Suitable for ages 6+
Available: September 2013
What do you get if you smoosh together a whole bunch of ugly with a toy dog? The ugliest, grossest, most hilarious, electronic toy to launch this century – Ugglys! The Moose-designed Ugglys hand puppet is modeled on a pug with a hard body and a latex style face, allowing users to create hilarious expressions as they let out over 30 inbuilt sounds and fun interactive features including farting, burping and sound warping. Ugglys come in three different colour waves.
Hayley actually completely cracks herself up with the Ugglys- The gross Electronic Pup-Pet. It is a little hand puppet that makes some pretty funny and very gross noises. Hayley’s favourite is when The ugglys makes a horrid fart noise. To make the noise you just have to make the pup’s mouth open and close as it to make him talk! At the moment there are 3 different types of pups to collect but I have heard from a very reliable source that the range will be growing into something special with more additions to add to the ugglys family.

Every pup comes with a “Uggdoption” certificate so you can name your Ugglys whatever you choose. Hayley loved the fact that she could name her “new pet” and not have anybody else influence it. Bella Popper. As she likes to fart a lot and make some very rude noises haha (I love that she added a little bit of a girly touch to them.)
They are made from rubber so are quite durable and can take their fair share of hard knocks and rough play, which is great for them little boys. I don’t have a boy but I am sure if I did he would LOVE IT. But never the less my daughter who is 5 absolutely adores her Bella Popper and wouldn’t have her any other way. Hopefully this will hold her need for a puppy out for a little while longer.. Although I think my chances of that are very slim.