Daddy Loves- Zooma Splat X Smack Shot from Mooseworld

Hayley who is 5 was so excited when she saw the Moose box at the door and started to scream, “Yay Mooseworld stuff! The postman must have loved me today!!” It was really cute to see her get so excited with a package arriving at the front door for her and her sister.

Luckily there was a mixture of things as Madison went away screaming when she saw this and would not come out until it was put away. “THIS” of course is the

Zooma Splat X Smack Shot RRP $20.00
Winner of the 2013 ATA Outdoor Toy of the Year Award
Sling shots are back and cooler than ever with the launch of the Zooma Splat X Smack Shot! Sure to be a boys’ favourite, the rubber sling shot launches soft, safe, gummy ammo to up to 30 metres away with sticky strike shots that crawl walls and high performance distance strike shotz. Features include a built-in LED target locator which allows you to aim and shoot with accuracy.

Suitable for boys aged 8+
Zooma Splat X Smack Shot RRP $ 20.00
Available: September 2013
I know in the description it says suitable for boys aged 6 and over but that is not the case here. I have two girls that really have that tom-boy streak that comes out to play here and there, don’t get me wrong 8 times out of 10 they are really girly but there is that off peak time.

I have no idea why the little tacker is afraid of this or what would have caused her phobia of slimy things or silly string and even rubber gloves. They actually scare the living day lights out of her and can even make her gag and vomit! So this was very much a toy for Hails to play when Madison was not around.

Basically it is a modern day slingshot that is a lot safer and accurate. It has a little laser bullseye that points in the direction of where you shoot… But I must say that didn’t even help my accuracy! I had at least 150 shots before I hit a little target on the wall. But it did help Miss Hayley as she could see how much I celebrated when I finally hit the target. I am not even kidding the little bugger got it on her 3rd shot… Talk about showing off!!

So then when Daddy saw this he thought the competition was on and his competitive streak came out to play. The whole time I was attempting to hit the target he was saying to me, “Bet ya I can do it in the first few shots!!” Of course he was only trying to get the Zooma off me to have a crack and hog it haha.

I can proudly say he DID NOT hit the target once and then ended up giving up because the sports news came on and her certainly CANNOT do two things at once… Which I don’t think many men can, unless going to the toilet and reading a newspaper count!

This would make a great gift for both girls or boys I think and should not be restricted to just boys. But not only boys it is very suitable for adults too. It is loads of fun to just sit there shooting away at things and setting yourself goals.