Herbal Essences Classic's Smell like Spring

Now today I want to talk about an oldie but a goody! This of course is the Herbal Essences Classic Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner are both blended with 100% organics botanicals and derived from essences of coconut and palm oils. This is a perfect addition to the Spring posts I have been talking about lately, with the smells that change from Winter through to Spring and Summer.

If you have any hair products you love the smell of for Spring/Summer I would love to hear from you.

I know when going to the hairdressers they turn their nose up and huff and puff when I tell them I use Herbal Essence. Nothing beats the smell of Herbal Essence and I don’t care what any stuck up hairdresser thinks of me using it! If you can hand me a product that smells just as good and lasts as long as this smell then bring it on I say. I wont use it regularly and only use it when I want that wonderful smell on my hair. I have heard somewhere that you aren’t meant to use the same shampoo and conditioner for too long anyway. I think this may be their pitch to try and get me to buy the product that is sold in their salons as that is what they are there to promote.

Shampoo- RRP $8.99
Infused with hand-picked essences of Rose Hips, Vitamin E and Jojoba, this nourishing shampoo formula:
-          Moisturises every strand deeply to keep colour-treated hair radiant
-          Restores silkiness and suppleness
-          Leaves hair soft, luminous and light

How can you go wrong with a nine buck shampoo seriously?! When I travel I always buy Herbal Essences at the other end as it is so affordable and is something I don’t want to take up room in my bag so can be left where I am staying. Although if I told my sister this I think she would absolutely kill me as she LOVES the stuff.

I do really love the new packaging and the easy to use pump nozzle on the top now, which makes washing my hair even easier and there is no need to take the bottle off the shelf in the bathroom. If I have a shampoo I love and use often that is not a pump action one I will use an old bottle and fill it up with the product I love, so I will be keeping this bottle to re-use in the future.

The Herbal Essence Classic range really is perfect for Spring/Summer as it has the real floral scent to is that reminds me of a beautiful Spring field filled with flowers.  Not sure that I would use this on an everyday basis as I find that after a while it dries my hair and scalp
out even with using the conditioner but it is a great mixer-upper-er.

Conditioner- RRP $8.99
This nourishing conditioning formula, with hand-picked essences of Rose Hips, Vitamin E and Jojoba, works in natural harmony with the shampoo for coloured/permed/dry/damaged hair to:
-          Revive every strand with essential replenishing moisture
-          Restores silkiness, suppleness, and manageability
-          Leaves hair luminous and light

The smell, the smell, the smell I JUST CANNOT GET ENOUGH!! I really don’t care that the conditioner makes my hair slightly frizzy (probs cause it is just so relaxed and silky.) Nothing the gold old hair dryer or straightener cannot fix. But with saying that I have found my hair can be quite picky with this and sometimes it will frizz and other days it will looks like lovely beach locks without any frizz in sight, it’s weird.

I do go a little overboard when using this and really slop it in my hair and allow my hair to soak up all the juices and moisture.

The texture of this conditioner is one that is very creamy and thick so a little goes a long way, so you probably don’t need to go overboard like I do haha.

If you are looking for the perfect Spring hair product that is very much affordable I would certainly recommend these babies if you have not already tried them for yourselves.

Stockist and availability: 
1800 028 280 or www.rougemag.com.au Available at Rouge online and all leading pharmacies and supermarkets