My Maybelline Colours for Spring

Maybe she’s born with it? Maybe it’s Maybellinnnnneeee.

I know I was certainly not born with it and Maybelline helps me look half decent (no I am not a very self conscious person, I love the body I was given but I know I am not a stunner or model material like some out there.)

So like I have stated in my Spring post, colours tend to change when it comes to makeup and clothing. I tend to kind of match my makeup and nails to what I am wear, and no I don’t mean if I am wearing a blue top my lips and nails are blue haha.

I was sent a lovely little package to help me with the transition from Winter to Spring from the lovelies at Maybelline. No I am not paid to make this post, I make it because I love the products. All I say is totally my opinion and if you have a different experience from me with their products I would love to hear from you!

Do you ever get that feeling after a few hours of wearing foundation in the heat that instead of using a foundation you may have used the good ol’ cooking oil on your face? There is nothing worse for me then a oily, greasy foundation that does not let me skin breath. A lot of the time I will just go with a foundation powder rather then a liquid! So I was super excited when I was given the opportunity to try the brand NEW

Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Waterproof Powder (Nude) $18.95
The micro-flex technology used in this powder not only repels water but it also repels from sweat and oil. I love that I have finally found a powder that is waterproof and can be used when I go for a swim or to the beach. I am heading to QLD in less then 5 weeks now and have been searching for makeup I can take with me and wear at the beach and to the pool without running down and off my face.
I thought that it would be very thick and almost suffocate my skin and pores, but it is anything but thick and suffocating.  It is actually silky smooth and leaves my skin looking flawless.
I gave this a go at our local pool the other day (Melb’s first day of Spring was an amazing 24 degrees.) And I must say I was VERY impressed that I still had foundation when I got out.. Although I did look a little blotchy and scaly, but I think this is due to the fact I was in chlorine water not salt water.
Knowing first hand how waterproof this powder was I was really worried that it would be hard to wash off my face and out of my pores. But with a little of my Dermalogica cleanser and a little scrub the powder was gone and my skin was clean.   

Now I love adding some colour to my lips on an everyday basis, and I am sure if I went through my handbag right now you would find at least 5 or more lippies or glosses in there. When I wear nothing else on my face I have to pop some lipstick on or I just don’t feel right.
For me I love my nudes and pinks, so when Maybelline sent these babies to me I was delighted.

Maybelline Color Whisper $14.95
I was sent three different shades and with all three I don’t have one bad word to say about them. Although I would not use these for a dramatic look on my lips as it is more a tint then a colour. And this is probably where they get the name from, it is much more a whisper of colour then it is a burst.
The first colour is 55- One Size Fits Pearl. This shade on me is very nude and literally just adds a pearlescent tint to my lips. For a really natural look, this lippie works perfectly. All of the Color Whisper’s leave my lips so smooth and soft
Second colour is 65- Pink Possibilities. This is the darkest of the lot, but having said that it is not dark at all. It tints my lips a pretty pink, which is a perfect fit for Spring. It reminds me of the lovely roses that used to grow in my Grandma’s garden.
The last colour is 60-Petal Rebel. Even the names of these Color Whisper’s are very much suited for Spring and have a Spring feel to them. I love the packaging of them as well, as it is simple but gets your attention.  In the tube this looks very light and bright but looks very different on your lips. The Petal Rebel and Pink Possibilities are my favourite  shades. I have had a look on their website at the different shades and I still think these are my favourite. There are 8 shades available all up so far.
After playing with these lippes for a bit I did notice if you really layer them on your lips you can get a darker colour but it is nothing like the very pigmented lipsticks.

One makeup product that does not change too much with seasons is my eyeshadow. I usually keep to the same sort of shades and don’t stray too much. You will find here and there I will add a pink in there or maybe some purple or even blue. But I tend to stick to my neutrals, silvers and Earthy colours, which are all year round kind of colours anyway.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr METAL $11.95 Each
You would have seen these on the blog and my instagram more then once, as I love them. They last so long without fading and because they are wet and creamy to begin with they blend really well too. I love blending more then one colour on my eyes as it adds a different depth to them and can really glam things up to. There are only 4 shades in the Metal collection, which is great, as you don’t have to spend a fortune to have them all.
The first colour is 70- Barely Branded.  This is one of my favourite shades and I often go out and buy it when it’s on special as I am scared I will run out or it may get deleted.  This is a light almost gold type colour that I love to work a brown into the corners of. But I will wear this just by itself to jazz my eyes up a little and take the focus of my blemishes when I go all-naturale.
55- Inked in Pink. When this is on my eyes it looks more like a dark peach colour, which I am not sure you would call pink. I did notice though that in certain lights you get a lovely pearlescent pink colour, which I really do love.
60- Silver Strike.  Who doesn’t love a silver eyeshadow? This is almost all I wear when I go out to a formal or dressy event. This is the one silver that actually looks like shiny silver and actually stays like that! The one thing I was worried about when first trying this shadow was that I would be left with creases a few hours in but that certainly was not the case, it stayed exactly the way I applied it.  LOVE the tattoo’s that is for sure.

NEW Maybelline NY Dream Pure BB Cream, RRP:$15.95
This is another turn to product when I don’t feel like using foundation or suffocating my skin. It is really light and to me is almost like a tinted moisturiser only with coverage. But Maybelline has taken it to the next level with their BB Cream as it actually help to fix your facial blemishes. The Dream Pure is also oil free so it will not in anyway make your skin even more oily. I also love the fact that it has a SPF 15 to it, so there is no need for me to apply sunscreen to my face when I go out as the Dream Pure does this for me. For me this BB cream ticks all the boxes and even more, another product I will be packing away with me… I am beginning to wonder if I should be buying another extra suitcase to take over for the two weeks.. I am getting the feeling it may need to happen!