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Hello Kitty Cosmetics

Thursday, 27 December 2012

My daughter Hayley is a mini me through and through. She loves the glam and glitz and being all dolled up for no occasion at all. She is also into her cosmetics and beauty in a big way and has her very own collection of lip-glosses. She is forever making over herself and even sometimes her poor little sister.
When I go into get my nails done, she is always right beside me sitting in a chair getting a mini mani with her favourite colours.

So when this Hello Kitty pack arrived, she was all over it like ants to a lollie. Hayley was oohhing and aahhing the whole time with every product I pulled out of the pack. The first comment she made was "oh mum there's a little cat on it, so it means it’s for kids not for you this time."

In this amazing package she received 2 diamond glosses, one in Marshmallow and the other in Pink Paradise.
RRP: $9.95
Like I said earlier Hayley collects lip-gloss, so I almost had to go and pick her jaw up off the ground when she saw these babies.
The Marshmallow is a very creamy pink, more of a natural glossy look. A really pretty gloss that I actually use myself, when I can sneak it away from Hayley.

The Pink Paradise is just as its name states. A light pink with glitter through it, it adds a little bling to paradise.

Both of these glosses go on really good, and I think the main reason is its cool little roll on applicator that also makes it easier for little people to use. They aren't slimy and over thick, they also don't droop down your lips, it stays exactly where you pop it on.

She also received a Hello Kitty Lip Balm Tin
I found this tin really cute, but for me it is more of a novelty for the little ones. It's quite oily and doesn't do much for your lips. I would say this one is directed a little ones rather then the older ladies. As I am more into quality as I am sure a lot off adults are, where as the kids would just love it because it looks cute and even makes their lips shiny.
I also think for some reason it has a weird taste (not that I ate my balms, I just tend to lick my lips quite a lot.) But like I've said above perfect for those little lips,

Hayley was also lucky enough to receive some of her favourite things as well... Nail polish!!
RRP $ 4.95 for the minis
These are the mini versions and you can buy full sized for $9.95 but these are cute for little ones or just if you want to sample some colours without spending to much.
The Hello Kitty Polish also come in some great up to trend colours, which is growing often.
She received two shades- The Creamy and also the Lily.
Creamy is a very light pink almost like a pastel colour. This would probably be one of my favourite shade from their collection, but I would love to try them all as they look so amazing.

The Lily is Miss Hayley's favourite shade, she has asked for this more then most colours even over my many many shades of OPI. It's a lilac colour with some small glitter partial through it, making it slightly bling when the light hits it.

For a cheaper nail polish, it did last as long as some of my bigger name brand polishes. We will be going out and buying more to add to our Hello Kitty Collection.

All of the Hello Kitty range is very affordable and can be used by both mummy and their little ones. I think their most expensive product is the mascara coming in at only $14.95

Available online at


Win with Lendan

Hair 2 go LENDAN

full volume spray
Volume Amplifier Spray. Leave-in


- Maximizes volume and fullness, while promoting hair strength
 and firmness.
- Strengthens the hair shaft delivering maximum vibrancy and body.
- Thickens and provides more density to the hair, leaving it
 shiny and full of movement.

Presentation: 150ml

Is your hair feeling flat and just a little bleehhh. Did your new shampoo and conditioner not do the job it was meant to. I have found the perfect product for the flat problem. No matter what I do or use I have never been able to achieve amazing volume. But with Lendan's full volume spray I can finally say I know what it feels like to have volume, and it's great. This spray is also a great pick me up for in between washes as it smells good and leaves your hair smelling washed :-) great cheat method.

Intensive Hydro-Nutritive Serum. Leave-in


- Intensely repairs mid lengths and ends of the hair.
- Seals and protects split ends.
- Ultra shine and softness.

Presentation: 30ml
I was kind of hesitant when using this as oils in my hair don't go very well and I am often left with very oily roots and looking like I haven't washed my head for weeks. But this didn't do that, instead it just repaired my hair and left it feeling and looking great. I only used it on the ends of my hair, as I don't like putting treatment near the roots. After a few days of not using a treatment the tips of my hair look really dry and ratty so I am finding myself having to use a treatment at least once a week to keep my hair looking good.

And to finish off this amazing review I want to offer beauties out their a chance to win a pack from hair2go. All you need to do is tell me in 25 wol which product on their site you would most like to use and why?


Long days out at, or late nights out with hours of wearing heels. All them hours in heels it feels more and more like you are walking on broken glass.

With every step taken the thought of taking them heels of and winging it bare feet. But then the other thought that overpowers it.... But I will look terrible; I have more pride then that... Or what if I step on something.

I learnt the hard way with this, with a walk home on a Saturday night down Sydney rd. My feet just couldn't take it anymore, and by this time I had a fair bit to drink, and I had to take these heels off. I did and made it half way home only to stand on a part of a broken bottle and slice my toe open; it was gross and horrible and is definitely something I will never do again.
Since that night I always make sure I take a big enough bag or clutch to be able to fit a pair if sandals in, which can get quite annoying and not so pretty.

By then end of the night or day your wishing you wore flats. And by the next morning your really paying for it with what feels like bruised feet. How good would it be to be a male, they dress up with some snazzy kicks or leather shoes but no not us. Instead we go for them lovely 6-inch heels that just look oh so good, but when it comes to wearing them... Well it's quite painful!

 But now there is a solution to all this pain and suffering and even embarrassment.

FLIPSTERS.. These babies are amazing; they fold up into a little pouch. They come in both sandals and flats. I was a lucky girl and received a pair of their black flats to review, and now when I leave the house I will not leave without my FLIPSTERS by my side. They are super comfortable and a much-appreciated item for my poor feet after a big day in heels.
They have really nice cushioned soles so it is like walking on clouds after getting out of a pair of heels.

Whoever invented these is an absolute legend, and needs an award!! No girl or lady ever needs to walk barefooted and make a fool of themself. Why not try a pair of FLIPSTERS for yourself today.

Black is naturally the most versatile colour to match with any outfit. Whether crazy, casual or anything in between.

Our Black Flats have become a standard take-anywhere accessory for many women around the world. Their sturdy rubber sole provides durability while cotton lining keeps your feet cool and comfy.


Today is a beautiful summer day, and what better then to sit outside watching the girls play and eat their smooze fruit ice. 
My daughter Hayley usually doesn't like coconut and it just makes her gag, but I think because it is frozen and like ice it makes it ten times better. 
Personally the girls and me didn't like the Simply Coconut it really is a required taste, you either love it or you hate it. But all the other flavours are really yummy!! 

My girls favourite are the pineapple and coconut, and it is actually my favourite it's almost like sipping on a piña colada just minus the alcohol. And usually I am thinking with every bite the kids have on a regular icey pole, the amounts of sugars going into their bodies and their poor teeth.

I'm not 100% if these are the sizes you buy in the super market but they are perfect portions. My kids never get to the bottom of a sunnyboy or anything like that.

We will be taking these babies with us camping and leave them in the esky, even if they don't freeze they make a very hydrating juice drink. I have had the simply coconut just as a drink when I was feeling super dehydrated, and it fixed me up a treat. 
I didn't like the pink guava and coconut to much, I think if it was just the guava I would have been ok, but the coconut tipped it to the not so nice side of things. The girls didn't mind it though they seemed to finish it off completely for me.

Smooze Fruit Ice is a 100 per cent natural fruity ice block available in four flavours: Pineapple + Coconut, Mango + Coconut, Pink Guava + Coconut, and Simply Coconut. 
Smooze Fruit Ice is available in the dessert aisle of supermarkets, unfrozen and next to the jellies and maple syrups.

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