Glamourflage at its best

Glamourflage's philosophy is defined by "Serious Fun…Serious Skincare." We believe in skincare made with the quality, natural ingredients which have not been tested on animals. Each one of our products comes uniquely packaged with an individual story from a glamorous 1940/50's pin up girl who will take you on a journey into her exciting and fun life! Our sexy and classy packaging means Glamourflage is a great gift idea for any lady of the house.

Back with a * BANG * is the great products from Glamourflage. Recently I was sent the amazing Sexy Sadie Body Scrub and also the Scarlett Devine Bath Soak.
I will start with the Body Scrub-  Well if it didn’t hurt so damn much I would scrub away all day long! The smell is amazing and leaves your skin nice and fresh!! Getting rid of that horrible dead skin that sits there making you body look dry an unloved!! This is also an amazing scrub for them leggy legs before self-tanning!! It helps to keep them blotchy spots away where the tan takes to the dry and dead skin cells!! And this product smells great, all the lovelies out there would know I am a sucker for great smelling products!! Its really florally and reminds me very much of a mixed gardenia smell * YUMMY *
Now for the Bath soak-
I cant speak highly enough of Glamourflage!!! When sitting in the bath with my eyes closed and there is Scarlett Divine bath soak in my water it seriously feels like I am on a tropical island * note to self, get some island tunes to set the scene * The smell is similar to the scrub but more of a sweeter Jasmine smell!!! If only the water didn’t go cold I would sit in the bath for hours; It is just pure bliss. But not only that when you get out of the bath your skin feels and soaks up the smell so smells amazing as well!! Love this soak and it is something I will definitely keep stocked up!!!

Scarlett Divine Bath Soak

Cleopatra started it and who are we to argue – there is nothing like an exotic, silky milk bath after a hard day’s seduction!

Sexy Sadie Body Scrub 100mL

RRP $12.95
Emerge buffed, polished and transformed - revelling in the anti-inflammatory, exfoliant and purifying qualities of walnut while being gently cleansed with coconut extract, toned and soothed by aloe-vera and finally moisturised with coconut oil and Vitamin E. Goddesses swear by it so why not succumb yourself?