Nutra Nail Gel

When I received this package in the mail, I was super excited to open it.
What mummy doesn't want a salon finish to your nails without even having to leave the house.
I couldn't think of a worse thing trying to get your children to sit in a nail parlor while your getting your nails done, for starters they won't still and will try and get into everything and then secondly I really wouldn't want them breathing in all them chemicals. I see a lot of ladies in them places wearing face masks (Im syre they aren’t just a Fashion accessory.)

The fantastic thing about Nutra Nail is it really does leave you with an easy salon finish in the comfort of your home.

Nutra Nail is so easy to use all you have to do is:
Unscrew all the lids, as it’s a fast moving process, and leave them at a distance. I made a big mistake, I laid a piece of thick paper down to protect working surface and as I went to pull out the brush for the activator and my whole cleaning solution went everywhere. I lost over 3 quarters of the bottle. I was devastated.

Then you work on one hand at a time, you apply a thick layer of the activator on one hand. Then you quickly put a very thin coat of the gel colour on and allow to bond. The reason you don't put a thick layer of colour on is it will not set and dry.

Then you work on the other hand and repeat the steps, remembering to clean your brushes in between. To achieve your desired colour all you have to do is repeat the steps and layer.

You can get a professional gel treatment for just $24.99

The colour I got the chance to use was the sheer pink (it is very sheer.) it looks more like a natural gloss with a touch of pink.
The Nutra Nail gel perfect also fills in all them ridges, so there's no need to file your nails beforehand, you do get a flawless finish.