Liz Davenport- A life of Colour

NEW book by Australian fashion icon

Liz Davenport- A life of Colour (every fashionista's dream book.)

217 pages; full colour; glossy coffee table book all yours for just $55.00

Available online or in-store nationally at Liz Davenport stores.

BUT IF YOU BUY THIS BOOK every purchase of a book gives you the chance to WIN a $2,000.00 Liz Davenport wardrobe- one per each state.

Liz Davenport OAM is an Australian fashion icon celebrating 38 years as an amazing inspiring designer, manufacturer and retailer. Anybody in the fashion industry will be sure to know the name, and like me look up to this fashionista goddess!!

Life of colour, she tells her inspiring story for her early childhood memories living on a sheep and wheat farm in regional Western Australia, the way people dressed at church on Sunday, making outfits for her favourite doll "patsy", watching her mother paint and exploring nature together and being surrounded by bush land.

In this amazing book you will be given an insiders look at Liz's journey from country girl to fashion designer with photos and clippings from her own scrapbook. This book is so jammed packed with images you could never get bored.

Liz is a respected public speaker and supports a number of charities through her business activities. As you all know I love any company or name that puts their hands up and helps out with charities as there are so many people out there much worse off then us, and every little bit helps.

A quote from Liz: "Ultimately, my goal is simple. I wish to make a difference in someone's life every day, take nothing for granted and enjoy time with my family!"

If you are feeling lost when you open your wardrobe not knowing what to wear, even when there is over 100 pieces to choose from then let A Life Full of Colour inspire you. I am sure if you had this book like I do, you will never open the wardrobe and just umm and ahh. Now I can't choose between all the choices. And if you have never been much of a colour coordinator there's a whole section dedicated to teaching you how. This section is enough to turn colour blind eyes into rainbows.

My favourite articles and pieces in this book would have to be the old school days and looking back into Liz's life and work. I love looking back at the fashion back there and realising its not much different to today's looks, and all these older pieces are now coming back into fashion. For example in the I Love a Sunburnt Country article on the right page, bottom left there is a model wearing a sweater that looks like it is aboriginal inspired with earthy colours. I was looking at it and though "oh I like that, it would go very nicely with my new brown colour jeans."

Im not much of "huge" fashionista, don't get me wrong I keep up with the latest trends and style (even if it seems the trends are changing faster then I can keep up.) I love this book and now I have read it, not only have I learnt all about Liz Davenport I also have a new found love for fashion and the industry. I instantly felt obliged to jump online and look for some new clothes for this festive season and all the parties I have coming up. After all a girl can never have to many clothes.
So why live a dull life? Let Liz add some colour to it, grab yourself a copy of A Life of colour and I am sure your life will be instantly brightened :-)