- Advanced bio-reconstruction
- Builds healthy, strong, shiny hair with proteins, lipids and oligo-minerals
- Creates elasticity and strength
- Thermal cauterization works deeply on the medulla

I have never used any hair care product infused with bamboo until I was sent an amazing pack from Alfaparf containing bamboo shampoo, bamboo daily repair, bamboo recharging mask, and a Illumi hairspray; which are all apart of a Christmas pack they having going on which is fantastic value for money.
I also received a 12x pack of renewal lotion. These renewal lotions did scare me a little as they are made out of glass and I though to myself 'what if I drop this in the shower and it shatters everywhere?' I also thought 'what if when I snap the top off I cut myself' but to my surprise none of these happened and I am a very very clumsy person. These make you hair look like its been given a whole new life. It really is a hair salon quality treatment, it's also a good idea to pop some glad wrap on your head to lock in the heat to help the lotion along for an amazing treatment.

Now for the bamboo hair care pack, I would be one happy woman if I were to receive this pack for Christmas. It has everything you need in it and so much more. All of this range smells fabulous, it isn't a strong smell but it is pleasant. It left my hair feeling a lot better then most products I have used. It really is a salon quality brand and range and it really does show. I love this range as I know you would as well. My favourite of the pack would have to be the recharging mask, it deeply hydrates your hair and brings back so much shine and life back to your hair. I just love it!!