PET HATE:: Painting nails can never be as easy as putting it on and just walking away. I have to wait for them to dry and then go around the edges with a cotton bud that’s been dipped into nail polish remover. It sucks, and 6 times out of 10 I end up ruining my actually nail polish as I accidently touch it with the cotton bud or cotton gets stuck in the polish!! Yuck!!! But Revitanail has made my life that little bit quicker and simpler with their new precision corrector pen with jojoba oil. It’s a great little pen with remover built in that you just go around your cuticle and nail and do the quickest and easiest clean up.

Then when you are ready to take that polish off Revitanail have brought out another great product called the conditioning removed wipes. They are little round cloth wipes drenched with remover and also vitamin e to rehydrate the cuticles and skin around the nail. They don’t smell very strong of nail polish remover, which is fantastic. No more getting high from removing my nail polish, its fantastic. One cloth took off all of my polish on both hands, but left it smudgy purple water looking so I just quickly wiped over with another cloth and they were spotless. Really quick and easy, it’s a product every nail lover HAS to have and try!!

Revitanail Conditioning Remover (30 wipes RRP $5.95) Wipes Benefits:
   Quickly & gently remove nail polish on the go, while conditioning nails & cuticles
   Contains hydrating Vitamin E to help put moisture back into nails, and repair any damage from colour-wear
   Acetone free and non-irritant formula means it’s ideal for nails and cuticles that are sensitive, dry or damaged
   The compact container makes it the perfect on-the-go solution



Revitanail Precision Corrector (RRP $12.95) Benefits:
                        Chisel-tip precisely erases any smudges or excess nail polish around the nail edges, giving nails a salon finish at home
                        Enriched with Jojoba oil for a gentle and nourishing finish help leave nails clean, smooth and moisturised

                        The acetone and preservative-free formula is the ideal solution to be gentle on cuticles and nail edges

                        The lightweight pen that comes with three replaceable tips to extend the life of your Precision Corrector

Nail polish shown is OPI’s  Mod About You