Herbal Essence

GAAHH I just cant get enough of the smell of ALL Herbal Essence products, they always bring my hair new life with just the smell!! 

When it comes to that perfect style with not a hair out of place. Or a look of beach curls and messed up braid, Herbal Essence is my product I turn to!! I love that after styling my hair with these products, my hair smells great until the next wash! Such a fresh, clean fruity smell!!

mousse for easy tousling
My mousse feels like foam and controls like a gel, whipping up loose waves and helping give frizz the kiss-off. I´m a lightweight, so I´ll help you avoid sticky situations and leave you with a soft head. I set the stage for a head that’s anything but crunchy, and I have a fabulous violet splash fragrance to boot! Want to put a fine finish on this luscious look? After styling with my mousse, top your tousles with my hairspray.

I have never been a massive fan of mousse, I would rather chuck a little hair spray in if needed. As I had a bad experience once and it completely turned me off. I used a certain brand and my hair set like rock and then after 2 hours of going out it looked like I had extremely bad dandruff!! Absolute nightmare!!!
So I manned up a little and though I would give this a go around the house and see how I go and if it goes all well, I will wear it out. I haven’t yet used this product before going out, but I did use it when I got out of the shower around the house and to the supermarket.
I found this mousse didn’t weight my hair down and I kept all my volume, I also loved how it made my hair curl perfectly. I used it when I got out of the shower as my hair goes curly when wet and just wavy when dry. This kept my wet curl look really well, without my hair actually being dripping wet!! I would recommend anyone looking for that messy beach curl look to try this out.

flexible hold hair spray
same old hair spray a little dull? Dismiss the stiff and get touchable, tousled hair with my flexible hair spray formula and fabulous violet splash fragrance. I don´t leave a dull film—I just give you tousled locks that are soft and not sticky. To get tousles that really turn heads, start with a base of my mousse or spray gel.

Now this is a great product when you’re not after a concrete set finish. I spray this through my hair after curling or taking my curlers out. And it holds my curls nicely. Of course because my hair is long they do drop. But I would rather have drop then stiff hair you just can’t touch!! This is probably a hair spray for them down hairstyles and not for the updos. I much prefer this spray then a lot of other I have used that claim to not make you hair stiff but still do. The only thing I noticed is if you use a lot of this product your hair starts to feel a little sticky!!

Flexible hold hairspray
Hair styling products that hold to set your style
Hold it right there! Our hair styling products have just what you need to lock in your polished look. Use us and set yourself up for a flawless finish.

I love that this hairspray doesn’t make my hair look flakey and gross by the end of the night or after a few hours of wearing my look. It also keeps every hair you spray in place and no sneaky little buggers pop up! When it comes to shower times it is so easy and quick to wash out, so there is no need for multiple washes!!  It’s not in a massive bottle that you just cant take anywhere either!! It’s a great size for the overnight bag! All round a great product, if you don’t want your hair to set hard then stay away from this product though as it can make it go quite hard and stiff.