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Simply Clean

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Simply Clean

Cleaning the bathroom with a cloth and then popping it under the sink telling myself I will only use it in the bathroom. Only for a week to go by when my sink cloth goes missing, I open the cupboard and reach for the 'bathroom' cloth.... That's where the story stops. This will never happen to my family or me again, now that Simply Clean has come into my life. It's name is really fitting as it quite simply make cleaning simple.
These are a range of great cloths, all named with their purpose and where you use them. For example I was sent the kitchen pack, the microfibre pack and also the bathroom pack.
The kitchen pack contains 4 different sorts of cloths. There is a sponge with kitchen clearly marked on the bottom, there is a kitchen floor cloth, there's a kitchen cloth and there's also a green coarse kitchen scrubber cloth with a tag on it that says kitchen.
Then in the bathroom pack is similar except there is a cleaning cloth that says bathroom floor on it, a red sponge that says toilet on it, a yellow sponge that says bathroom on it and a gold scrubber that has a tag saying bathroom.
Then there is my favourite the microfibre cloths. There are also four of these in the pack; all have different tags with names and different colours. There is a green one for the kitchen, there's a blue one for glass, there's a pink one for dusting and then there is a grey one for stainless steel. The grey one though is a different material, and I would expect to use the standard microfibre cloth on stainless steel either as it leaves little particles behind.

These cloths are such a great idea, and now have made life ten times easier and cleaner. There is no more cross contaminating in our house and I love it. Mum of three, Victoria Fulford you are a genius thank you so much for making life under this roof a breeze!!! Just wish I had half the brains that you have :) 

 Simply Clean products are sold in Woolworths nation-wide, RRP $6.99. For more info, go to

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