2 Best products for beach hair I have found so far

Summer means bbqs, sun, beers, music and beach. And what better way to wear your hair is that beach babe way. Looking like you have spent the day at the beach, and your hair just curls and waves and looks amazing. Here are two products to help you produce that look.

Bangstyle Sea Salt Mist

I love the small size bottle, so great to pack when going away. The Bangstyle sea mist also has a great easy little open/close shutoff system, where all you have to do is pull a little plastic switch under the nozzle to close or open the spray so you don't be nay leaks.  It's a black bottle with a purple shadow of a ladies head.

The sea salt itself doesn't actually have a smell, so is good if you have a shampoo and conditioner you love and don't want products to conflict. There is also no feeling like when your sitting on the beach on a windy day eating an ice cream and the wind blows your hair into the ice cream  (in other words sticky feeling.) This spray will turn you into princess of the sea, or just a plain ol Jane mermaid; which ever floats your boat. :-)

I already have beach style hair so this product maximizes it and leaves it nice and hydrated; something going to the beach doesn't.

Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray

Get "a day at the beach hair" with this fragrant volumising beach hair spray. Honey, Citrus and Tangerine make this spray essential for sexy messy Surfer girls and messy sexy Surfer boys. 

How to use
Spray onto damp or dried hair, scrunch in and go.

I love Kevin Murphy's hair resort spray, as you don't need to get your hands all dirty and sticky, you just spray crunch and go. This spray also has a real summery smell, the type that reminds me of tanning on the beach. It is very much a coconutty tanning oil kind of smell, very yummy and almost makes me want to eat my hair.

The biggest bonus of this spray is that it holds your hair nicely without making your hair go hard and leaving it with that mousse feeling.