Embalm Skin

Embalm Skincare products are made of 100% natural ingredients, even the preservative and emulsifying wax are natural, both of which have been selected for their EcoCert, which means they are certified for use in organic products, and are natural and healthy for your skin.

Before I start this review to warn pregnant women that its not recommended to use these products as they do contain a little amount of essential oils, as nobody knows what effects they may have on a developing baby.

Embalm skin is 100% natural and also vegan friendly.

With Embalms lip balm, you don't actually have to use it just on your lips. It can be used for dry cracked elbows (I did this and it worked a treat) as well as any dry chapped skin. But this lip balm is a great consistency; it's not runny and doesn't drip off your lips. It also lasts on your lips for a while after applying. 
It has a very natural smell as well, and you can tell that there are natural products in there. Some balms I have used before have a horrible oily taste, but this certainly isn't the case with this balm. 

Also I am not sure if you know but some products out there that claim that they are all-natural and contain all natural products. But this a lot of the time isn't true, they take shortcuts and cheat the "natural" system. They also continue to use artificial ingredients and chemicals.
But embalm skincare are what they claim they are, and to prove this you just have to look on the ingredients label.

It conditions lips and leaves them softer and soothes them ouchie lips.

Now I was also given the opportunity to try the body lotion. I really love the natural feel of Embalm skin's packaging; it suits the brand to a tee.
The body lotion contains a blend of Shea butter, rice bran and vitamin e. All these ingredients working together to hydrate your skin, not only leaving it looking shiny and healthy but it also feels it.

This is a fantastic all over lotion, I even use this my face without a problem at all.
 I am very glad to have found this brand and especially this lotion; it is right up there in the best I have used.

The Embalms body lotion is also very gentle on the skin not causing any rashes or breakouts.
The consistency isn't thick and sludgy, and it isn't thin and slimy it is just the right consistency; It also doesn't dry oily or sticky.

I would encourage any mummy after a lotion good for every day use to give this one a shot.